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June 2012 | Issue #23

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

With all the commuting changes and challenges resulting from the BRAC relocations, the focus of this newsletter is on possible solutions. For example, many Sluggers were relocated to Fort Belvoir, where slugging does not currently exist. Over time, slugging may develop, but solutions are needed now which is why the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) is testing a Real-Time Ridesharing iPhone app. Please see below for more information.

Again, I want to thank everyone for their help in keeping the Slug-Lines.com website up-to-date! It's a great way to commute!

David LeBlanc

Looking for new commute options? Real-TIme Ridesharing is coming to a BRAC site near you.


Try www.WeGoMil.com

It’s Sunday afternoon, your car is still in the shop until Monday, and you can’t miss the big meeting at work the next day. No worries though, as you log on to “www.WeGoMil.com” or download the WeGoMil iPhone App and find a ride that’s going to your site.  Go ahead, book a ride with that driver and you will meet at a pre-arranged pick-up point.

The minimal charge is transferred to the driver’s digital wallet based on the distance of your journey, and you make it to the big meeting at the office the next day, no sweat.

This Real-time Ridesharing scenario is here as a new pilot program is launched this fall aimed at the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) sites in which employees traveling along the I-95/395/495 corridors are qualified to participate.  The sites to come on line will be the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Fort Belvoir, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), the Mark Center, Defense Health Headquarters, Arlington Hall, and the Navy Yard. 

The program provides participating riders and drivers with an array of incentives of up to $100 per month based upon sharing trips.  Drivers can also earn up to .50 cents per mile for each shared trip. 

Program supporters are hoping to reduce the numbers of cars on the road, while cutting tailpipe exhaust and saving gas money, as well as reducing the daily wear and tear on cars. Using smartphone technology, Real-time Ridesharing makes it easy for commuters to carpool with a different person every day to locations that are not well served by transit or existing slug lines. 

This six-month pilot program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration with matching funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation, Department of Rail and Public Transportation, City of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax Counties, as government partners. The program is being administered by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. 

For more information on the program go to www.WeGoMil.com.  Similar programs are being piloted in the Bay Area and Santa Barbara. If you have any questions, contact Peggy Tadej at 703-642-4635 or Peggy.Tadej@novaregion.org.

If you have comments or suggestions, please post comments on the message board. [More Info].

Slugging in New York City!!

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After a recent toll hike on the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan, many drivers are looking to take advantage of the discount given to carpoolers. But New York's Port Authority isn't happy with the way they're doing that. How? By Slugging!!
[More Info].

GW Bridge NYC

NJ Assembly puts brakes on key perks at Port Authority

The Star-Ledger - NJ.com - ‎Jun 22, 2012

By Steve Strunsky/The Star-Ledger Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-LedgerVehciles pass though the toll plaza at the Lincoln Tunnel after paying the toll in this 2010 file photo. TRENTON — In the latest effort by lawmakers to crack down on perks at the ...

No Ticket to (Share a) Ride

Wall Street Journal - ‎Jun 21, 2012‎By TED MANN New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asked officials at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey this week to ease their crackdown on drivers who pick up hitchhikers on the approach to the George Washington Bridge.

GW Bridge NYC

GW Bridge NYC

Christie puts brakes on GW carpooling crackdown7Online.com - ‎Jun 22, 2012
NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is putting the brakes on the Port Authority's crackdown on drivers who carpool across the George Washington Bridge. Christie is intervening on behalf of commuters, an aides says, because he thinks ...

FHWA Exploratory Adv. Research Dynamic Ridesharing

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Federal Highway Administrataion (FHWA) recently awarded a contract to study slugging and "dynamic ridesharing"! Actually the study will look at slugging and dynamic ridesharing at Houston, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. The study is underway as a group of transportation officials will visit the slug/casual carpool lines in the area. I want to thank the slugs and drivers who participated in the focus groups for this area. Your comments on slugging were very informative. Once the study is complete, Slug-Lines.com will post the results.

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Thanks to the CommuterPage.com. Arlington County has been a long time supporter of slugging and has been instrumental its success. Go to: http://www.commuterpage.com


Thanks to the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) www.novaregion.org


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