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 Booting hybrids from carpool lanes slows all
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Posted - 03/04/2013 :  15:59:20  Show Profile
Actually, your both wrong, they need to change their break pads LESS frequently. All diesel trains are hybrids that use regenerative breaking (ie, "hybrid breaking") even though they don't have energy storage BECAUSE it is easier on the breaks. They actually just dissipate the energy produced from regenerative breaking using giant resistors.

Think about it, there are only two places the kinetic energy can go when a car slows down. When it uses break pads, all of it goes into rubbing against and heating the break pads which slowly kills them. When a car uses regenerative breaking, the energy goes through a generator into a battery and puts no wear on the break pads.

There's not much difference though for hybrid cars b/c most of the wear on break pads comes from quick stops, which hybrid cars still use break pads for.

But how are Hybrids on Brake Pads?
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Posted - 03/11/2013 :  10:37:33  Show Profile
Yep, Journal of Industrial Ecology report from the WSJ. More carbon emissions than gas. Facts are tough things.
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Posted - 03/12/2013 :  12:22:03  Show Profile
Originally posted by colossus911

Yep, Journal of Industrial Ecology report from the WSJ. More carbon emissions than gas. Facts are tough things.

Looks like you forgot to read the article, and its assumptions - not facts. It makes assumptions about the manufacture that are not proven, it makes assumptions that are just wrong about the life of component parts, and it makes assumptions that seem unlikely about the total mileage of the vehicle before it is scrapped.

Yep - you are wrong AGAIN.

BTW, my 2002 Prius is still on the original battery, and has 3x the mileage quoted in the article. Try again when you have FACTS.
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Posted - 11/27/2014 :  11:20:43  Show Profile

Instead of Buicks, how about veterans who are fed employees. Or how about just giving me a special pass? Under the hybrid logic, folks are paying for the HOV privilege, but the car dealer is the one who wins.

Originally posted by Dale H

So, it appears the slow down was caused by a large number of hybrid drivers using the normal lanes instead of picking up riders. I suppose we are expected to conclude that it is advantageous to all of us to continue to let single passenger hybrids use the HOV lanes.

If the HOV lanes are underutilized, any strategy that shifts a controlled number of cars from the normal lanes to the HOV lanes should improve traffic flow. There is nothing special about hybrids. It makes just as much sense to allow Buick drivers to use the HOV lanes. We could have "Toyota Thursdays" where everyone with a Toyota is allowed in the HOV lanes, then "Ford Fridays". Or anyone whose license number ends in a "5" gets to use the HOV lanes on Wednesdays.

No, I am not serious, but my point is there is nothing special about hybrids.

Dale H

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