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February 2011 | Issue #18

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

This is an URGENT appeal to slugs for help! Please help re-distribute this newsletter or notify your fellow slugs of the changes at Potomac Mills. The changes to the Potomac Mills slug lines could have a domino effect that will impact your commute too. I want to thank everyone for their help as we work through this problem.

David LeBlanc

Slug Lines Move from Potomac Mills to Dale City Lot

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Potomac Mills Reduces Slug Parking - On Monday, February 14th, 2011 the commuter parking at Potomac Mills will be reduced from 1000 spaces to 275 spaces. Mall security will not allow you to park outside the designated new commuter parking area. As a result, the following changes are being made at the Potomac Mills slug lines:

  • 14th/18th/L'Enfant - remain at Potomac Mills
  • Pentagon - moves to the Dale City Commuter Lot
  • Rosslyn and Crystal City - moves to the Dale City Lot

** Click here for a detailed Flyer! **

** Click here for Directions to the Dale City Lot from Potomac **

** Click here for Google Map of New Slug line locations and traffic pattern **

I understand that these changes may not be ideal for everyone and will certainly inconvenience virtually everyone as we try to sort this out. However, it is very important that we pull together to make this work. Otherwise, it is going to take a bad situation and make it even worse. If you are Pentagon, Rosslyn or Crystal City slugs or drivers, please use the new location.

There is OmniRide bus service from the Pentagon, Rosslyn and Crystal City to the Dale City Commuter Lot.

For more explanations on the decision. [Click Here to go directly to the Message Board thread].

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