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March 2014 | Issue #24

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

It has been a long time since the last Slug-Lines.com newsletter. However, that does not mean things are not happening in the slugging world! In fact, there has been a lot of interest in starting new slug lines. The focus of this newsletter is on Braddock Road and the Mark Center. In addition, there has been interest in starting a slug line from Horner Road directly to the Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, VA. Stay tuned for new updates!

Again, I want to thank everyone for their help in keeping the Slug-Lines.com website up-to-date! It's a great way to commute!

David LeBlanc

New Slug Lines - Braddock Road and the Mark Center!!

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To prepare for the HOV access to the Seminary Rd exit (the Mark Center) in 2015, a new slug line is being created for drivers and riders using Braddock Rd.  Currently, drivers who travel Eastbound on Braddock Rd in the morning pick up slugs from bus stops and other prearranged locations on Braddock Rd with a destination to the Mark Center or Pentagon.  Pentagon destination drivers use the new HOV lane entrance at I-495 to reduce the commute time.  Mark Center destination drivers pick up slugs as a courtesy because the WMATA 17 bus lines only arrive and depart at the Pentagon, which increases the rider commute to the Mark Center an additional 20 minutes, at a minimum.  In 2015, the HOV exit to Seminary will be complete, and drivers will have an opportunity to use the HOV to commute to the Mark Center.

At this time, there is no official afternoon pick up at the Pentagon with a destination to Braddock Rd.  With the increased awareness of Braddock Rd riders and drivers participating in the Braddock slug option, it is expected that a Pentagon slug line will be established.  Certainly, communication between drivers and riders during the morning ride commute will assist with establishing an official Braddock Rd slug line at the Pentagon. 

Currently, there is an official afternoon pick up location (kiss and ride, near the bus terminal) at the Mark Center with a destination to Braddock Rd.  Riders are few due to this being a somewhat new slug option. Potential riders wait at the Mark Center kiss and ride location.  Since it is close to the bus terminal, if a Braddock Rd driver does not arrive when the 7M shuttle arrives, the riders takes the 7M to the Pentagon and then waits for a WMATA 17 bus line with a destination to Braddock Rd.

We request that drivers and riders be alert to possible slug opportunities and make an effort to participate.

If you have comments or suggestions, please post comments on the message board. [More Info].

The following email address is a distribution list for drivers and riders who would like to correspond with each other for the Braddock Rd slug option.


New Slug Line - Horner Road to the Army National Guard Readiness Center!!

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An new slug line is emerging at Horner Road commuter lot to the  Army National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, VA. There would be no return line but there is an email distribution list used to cooridnate rides in the afternoon. Stay tuned for more updates!  [More Info].


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