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January  2016 | Issue #26

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

It has been a long time since the last Slug-Lines.com Newsletter. However, that does not mean things are not happening in the world of slugging world. In fact, a lot is happening! The focus of this newsletter is on the changes to the slug line at 14th and Independence. Stay tuned for new updates!

Again, I want to thank everyone for their help in keeping the Slug-Lines.com website up-to-date! It's a great way to commute!

David LeBlanc

14th and Independence Changes on January 13th, 2016!!

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DDOT has asked that we relocate the slug line at 14th and Independence to help relieve congestion near the intersection. The problem is that staging cars are blocking the intersection and interfering with bus service. The new location is just across the intersection, just to the north. This will allow cars to stage and also allow slugs the opportunity to catch the bus if necessary.

Timeline: Relocate line on Wednesday, 13 January 2015.

For more information visit the 14th and Independence webpage. [More Info]

New 14th and Independence

If you have comments or suggestions, please post comments on the message board. [More Info].


Poll Results - Using Bags to Hold Spot in Line

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A recent poll was conducted to answer the question: Should using a bag(s) to hold ones place in line be an acceptable practice at slug lines? The poll, which is still running, indicated that 86% of the community said, No!

Poll Results


Lost and Found - 869 Items Posted on Website!

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There are 296 Found items and 573 Lost items posted on the Slug-lines.com website. To locate a lost item or post something you have found go to the Lost and Found section of the website. To make a posting you must first login as a member. Once logged in, click on the appropriate category (Lost or Found) and enter the required information.

There have been reports of slugs recovering items that have been lost for many years!


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