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July  2016 | Issue #27

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

Happy 4th of July! Again, I want to thank everyone for their help in keeping the Slug-Lines.com website the most active and best slugging website in the DMV!!! It's a great way to commute!

David LeBlanc

Anybody Interested in Re-Establishing the Ballston Mall Slug Line?

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There is a renewed interest in re-establishing the slug line at Ballston. Many years ago there was a slug line that somehow faded away. However, maybe it is time to bring it back!! Please vote on the poll to the right and/or comment on the message board thread. [Click Here for More Info] and [Click Here for Message Board Thread].


Forbes Article on Slugging!

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Check out this article in Forbes travel section titled "A Practically Free Alternative to Uber and Lyft You are Missing Out On" by Andrew Bender on March 10th, 2016.[Click Here for Forbes Article]. Note - for some reason you may need to click the link twice to get to the article.


Washingtonian Article on Slugging

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The January 2016 Washingtonian issue has a feature article on Slugging. It is now online and can be viewed by [Click Here for Washingtonian Article].


813 Lost and Found Items Posted on Website!

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As of July 2th, 2016 there are 267 Found items and 538 Lost items posted on the Slug-lines.com website. To locate a lost item or post something you have found go to the Lost and Found section of the website. To make a posting you must first login as a member. Once logged in, click on the appropriate category (Lost or Found) and enter the required information.

There have been reports of slugs recovering items that have been lost for many years!


Thanks to our Sponsors and Advertisers!


Thanks to the CommuterPage.com. Arlington County has been a long time supporter of slugging and has been instrumental its success. Go to: http://www.commuterpage.com

Thanks to the support of ClearedJobs.net. Please visit them at:


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