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August  2017 | Issue #28

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

Thanks everyone for their help in keeping the Slug-Lines.com website the most active and best slugging website in the DMV!!! It's a great way to commute!

David LeBlanc

Upgrade to Message Board Software Coming!

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One of the more popular features of the website is the Slug-Lines.com forum or message board. For the past 15 years, Slugs and drivers have helped each other with line changes, organizing new lines, and just answering questions. There are 22,099 registered members on the Slug-Lines.com forum who have made 39,142 posts in 10 forums. There are currently 6,489 topics on the forum. The membership on the forum grew by 228 registered users since last quarter.

With the growth and popularity of the board, the time has come to upgrade the message board software to a more powerful SQL platform. The new board will have the same basic features but with enhanced security, slugging specific profile, and an SQL backend for better performance.

The most significant impact will be a requirement to create a new password. Your username will not change and all your previous post will remain, but you will have to create a new password. In addition, we ask that you update your new profile with your typicl slugging origin and destination.

When? August 15 or before is our target date if everything can be converted as planned.

Thanks again for your support to the website.


818 Lost and Found Items Posted on Website!

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As of August 1st, 2017 there are 267 Found items and 551 Lost items posted on the Slug-lines.com website. To locate a lost item or post something you have found go to the Lost and Found section of the website. To make a posting you must first login as a member. Once logged in, click on the appropriate category (Lost or Found) and enter the required information.

There have been reports of slugs recovering items that have been lost for many years!


Anybody Interested in Re-Establishing the Ballston Mall Slug Line?

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There is a renewed interest in re-establishing the slug line at Ballston. Many years ago there was a slug line that somehow faded away. However, maybe it is time to bring it back!! Please comment on the message board thread. [Click Here for More Info] and [Click Here for Message Board Thread].

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Thanks to the CommuterPage.com. Arlington County has been a long time supporter of slugging and has been instrumental its success. Go to: http://www.commuterpage.com


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