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 March 2019 | Issue #35

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

I’ve been helping out an exploratory project to support slugging, sponsored by federal government, and I wanted to share an update. 

Basically, this project is asking two questions: 1) What kind of efforts would meaningfully help our slugging community? 2) Could similar efforts take what we love in VA/DC and grow slugging in other cities?

Many of you will remember a survey that I shared last year to learn more about your experience with slugging. More than 1000 of you responded and more than 300 of you offered to participate in the three focus group discussions. I participated in one of those focus groups too. Thanks to all of you for your time and enthusiasm. 

The project team heard the following feedback from you: 

1) You like that slugging is independent, but you also recognize that it’s important to coordinate with government. You understand that government policies (parking, public transit, HOV lanes, etc.) are the keys to the success of slugging. Above all, you want to be able to easily share feedback on how local government can better support you. 

2) You think that existing efforts to support slugging have sometimes fallen short, and you’re open to new efforts. As some examples—beyond a better communication channel with government—you think it would be useful to understand what current wait times are for specific slug lines, to track the personal benefits/social value of your participating in slugging, and to rate drivers so they can get anonymous feedback. 

3) You are fierce fans of slugging, but you acknowledge that the name can be a turn-off for people new to it. Some of you will smile at this. We want an active community; if there’s an app, sign, etc. through this effort, you are open to naming a program to support slugging without using the name “slugging” itself.

As a quick update, the project team (led by a few folks at local company AEM) is developing some pilot ideas and approaches. They have received some feedback on their efforts from members of the three focus groups I mentioned, and they met recently with local government to get some initial ideas on whether and how some of these ideas might work. 

It’s still early days for this effort. I will be sending out updates so you can understand what is being done and share your feedback to make sure you can help to shape this project. So this truly continues to be a community effort, please always speak up! 

David LeBlanc

Other Items in the News for Slugs!

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TMP Newsletter February 2019: Since January 22, 2019, the Eads Street traffic pattern has returned to one lane on both sides of Eads Street, inbound and outbound, while construction work continues along the median. The temporary relocation of Route 610 Stafford and Mine Road slug stations will remain at the Kiss and Ride area on N. Rotary Rd during the Eads Street construction. [Click here for info on the forum] or [Click here for newsletter]

DDOT Changes Curbside Regulations for Slugging!!: A fellow slug (Nicole) and a few other slugs met with DDOT a number of months ago urging them change the existing regulation that prevented drivers from stopping to pick up slugs. They also stated a petition too. Well, the good news is that slugs do have a voice when we stick together because DDOT has decided to change their regulations. Below a part of DDOT stated: "DDOT is working to change the curbside regulations for the 1400 block of New York Ave. The new regulations will enable tour bus parking during non-rush hours and passenger pick-up/drop-off during the hours of 3:00-6:30pm. We found that Slugline operations are consistent with the curbside regulations for passenger loading and have determined that the operations can be accommodated at this location as well. We have a goal to complete these curb adjustments by end of January 2019." [Click here for info on the forum]

Urgent Survey Input Needed! An effort has been underway with DDOT regarding slug lines on 14th Street. However, we need data (input) from slugs/drivers to make our case. Please take the 4 question survey below. In addition, please take a second survey for Springfield.
[14th Street Survey] and [Springfield Survey]

Tickets Issued to Crystal City Drivers: It was reported that police are issuing tickets to drivers at the 23rd stree slug line in Crystal City due to new signs that were errected that states: "NO PARKING, STANDING OR STOPPING". I have contacted Arlington County Commuter Services for their assistance in getting this resolved. [Click here for info on the forum]

TMP Newsletter January 2019: The temporary slug relocation of the 610 Stafford and Mine Road stations will continue to be on North Rotary Road through the duration of the construction at Eads Street. [Click here for info on the forum] or [Click here for newsletter]

395 Express Lanes/Eads Street construction updates: Beginning next Tuesday, January 22 (subject to weather condition), the traffic pattern at Eads Street will change.  Both sides of Eads Street will reopen, but the same traffic restrictions in the AM and PM peak are still in effect.  The temporary slug relocation of the 610 Stafford and Mine Road stations will continue to be on North Rotary Road through the duration of the construction at Eads Street. [Click here for info on the forum]


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Thanks to the CommuterPage.com. Arlington County has been a long time supporter of slugging and has been instrumental its success. Go to: http://www.commuterpage.com


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