Newsletter #12                         23 April 2003

Highlights of the Latest in Slugging News…

Pentagon Changes

Due to construction, the North Parking Kiss and Ride lot has been closed and re-located to the South Parking lot effective 16 Apr 03. It does not appear as though this will impact slugging. Please post comments on the message board regarding any impacts. Here is some additional information.

Message Board Graffiti

Thanks to all who have alerted the webmaster regarding message board graffiti (solicitations, obscene comments, etc).  Alerts from fellow slugs about inappropriate postings have come within minutes of the postings and have effectively put a stop to this. Thanks to all in keeping this a professional message board.

New Slug Lines Being Formed

A number of slugs and drivers are trying to develop new slug lines. 

  • Springfield Mall or Kingstowne Lines There has been interest in starting a line east of the Bob's (aka Long John Silver) for quite some time. I really think these will work but we need somebody to take charge of getting these started!  See Springfield Mall messages or Kingstowne Alexandria messages

Some Stats:

  • Website has 937 active members.

  • 1302 subscribers to the newsletter.

  • Message Board has over 561 active topics with  2361 posts and 106,330 readings!

  • 70 Lost and 40 Found items posted on the Lost and Found Section  See the list below of items posted in April 2003.




Most Viewed Messages (Apr):

Topic Views
The "Do Not Ride With List" 2790
Two Lines for Horner Road 1811
Kingstowne Alexandria Area 983
Springfield Mall (East of Bob's) 871
What has happened to morning commute? 868

Most Replied to Message (Apr):

Topic Replies
The "Do Not Ride With List" 38
Two Lines for Horner Road 28
What has happened to morning commute? 28
Kingstowne Alexandria Area 25
No Talking Rule 20

Features added to the Website!

A number of upgrades and new features have been added to the website to handle the increasing number of visitors and to improve security! Here's just some of the upgrades:

  • New "Slug Groups" - now has automated mailing lists similar to Yahoo Groups! These automated lists are known as "Groups" or "list-server mailing lists" and allow you to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a specific topic. Many slugs are using this system to coordinate ride homes. See Slug Groups.

  • New Star Rating System - A new star rating system has been introduced to help evaluate slug lines!!  Hopefully this will help others determine which lines to use. Visit you favorite slug line web page and cast your vote! You can even leave comments to tell others the good (or bad) things about the line. See Slug Rating System.

To all the Slugs, Drivers and Sponsor, thanks for all the support! - Information for commuters.



David LeBlanc


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Lost and Found items posted in April 2003.  See Lost and Found for more details.

Date Item Description From To Phone
Found 04/01/03 Umbrella Blue and White Stripped Umbrella, Owner was a Female with Blond Hair Bob's - Springfield 18th & K Street NW  
Found 04/02/03 Sports Cap Driving/golf type hat Pentagon 610 Stafford  
Lost 04/08/03 Umbrella Red with black strips and with a handle Potomac Overflow Clarendon Metro 703-356-8447
Lost   Keys Keys are on a purple key chain with at least 5 + keys.  Key chain is the type that you can hook to a purse or pants belt loop. I was sitting in back seat on passenger side. Driver dropped off lady at the crystal city metro and then proceeded to 23rd street and had to go to pentagon to pick up something before he went to his job. Horner Rd 23rd Crystal City 703.412.9400
Found 04/04/03 Key Card Found security key card.  at Horner Road Lot Horner Rd DC  
Lost   Rainbow Umbrella Large rainbow/multicolored umbrella with black handle, and silver release button. It has different panels of color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, & Green. Route 17, Fredericksburg L'Enfant 540/273-4873
Lost   Cell Phone Silver Motorola Flip Phone/Cingular possibly left in the back seat passenger side. Gentleman driving was listening to a Minisota radio station. Possibly lost in line at the 234 commuter lot. 234 Pentagon w703-692-0880
Lost   Lunch Box Left in back seat on AM of 18 Apr, lunch box has Step-daughter's name on top "Shelby Decker" Stafford Crystal City 703-607-7831
Lost 04/09/03 Black Bag with important work files Lost a black bag in the back seat of a van (Odyssey) on 4/9/03. Contained important work (financial) documents, a floppy disk, eye glasses (gray case), umbrella and misc. other small items. Crystal City Horner Road 703/730-9522
Found 04/08/03 Lexus Key Found from Parking lot in Springfield, VA.....Golden Keychain emborsed with "POHANKA LEXUS 703-968-9100" with remote entry alarm. Springfield WDC 703-505-5869
Lost   CD Case Last Friday 7 April 03, I left a black CD Case with @ least 10 to 15 Gospil CD's on the back seat. I was in Army uniform. Black female type. rosylin potomic mills 703-507-3028
Lost 04/14/03 VW Keys Left a bunch of keys in a Dodge car this morning.  I was dropped off at the Pentagon.  Please call if you have these keys. Thank you. 610 - Stafford Pentagon 540-659-1913
Found 04/14/03 DOD Badge A gentleman left his DoD badge on the seat of my van. Pentagon Stafford 540-659-3535
Found 04/16/03 Ladies Watch Watch was found in front passenger seat.  Left Potomac Mills approximately 0630, arriving at the Pentagon at 0700. Potomac Mills Pentagon 703-271-6787
Found 04/16/03 Battery Item Found:  Sanyo Standard Battery, Model no SCP-06LBPS 3.7V belongs to a Cell Phone
Pentagon Tacketts Mill 2024090413
Lost   Nokia Cell Phone 1200 Lost Nokia phone In black leather Nokia case. It Has my Home number in it. Please call. I was dropped of at the mailbox in L'Enfant Thursday morning Apr 17th approx 0730. Horner Rd L'Enfant 703-491-9650
Found 04/17/03 Cell Phone Black, Motorola DC or Woodbridge Woodbridge or DC 202-267-1591
Found 04/18/03 Umbrella Black umbrella left in the back seat of my car. Pentagon Tackett's Mill 703-497-3537
Lost 04/21/03 Garment Bag Army Uniform with TODD on shirt's name tag. Call office @ 703-614-3995 ext 1216 or home @ 703-794-1334. Horner Road Pentagon 703-614-3995