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Pentagon Slug Lines Relocated (17 Sep 01) - Attention - As of 17 Sep 01 the Pentagon has posted signs and the slug lines have been physically relocated under the expressway along Northbound Fern Street.  During this temporary relocation please be patient.  Hopefully a map with exact locations of each line will be available soon.  There have been reports of people ignoring normal slugging rules and line etiquette.  Slugging is ultimately run and policed by slugs so help the system continue to work by abiding by the rules.

Pentagon Slug Lines Relocate Temporarily.  The following was released on a  16 Sep via a DoD news release "Parking at the Pentagon will be limited due to staging areas related to the incident scene. Access to South Parking will be only through Fern Street in Pentagon City. North Parking will be open as usual, but with a reduced number of parking spaces. Individuals seeking to park in any Pentagon parking area will be required to show their building pass and a second form of identification. The slug line that usually forms in South Parking will be available on Fern Street, northbound at Army-Navy Drive."

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