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Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

Major Changes to Rosslyn Slug Line - Effective 18 March 02 the Rosslyn Slug Line will relocate. 

For the past two weeks, the Arlington County Commuter Assistance Program ( and Arlington County Department of Public Work's Traffic Engineering Division along with the have  considered at least seven options submitted by slugs on how to best resolve the traffic problem in front of the Metro station. The results are as follows:

  • Relocate the Rosslyn line to the area between North Moore and North Ft Myer on the Lee Highway service road and counterflow lane. 
  • Create two separate lines: one for "Tackett's Mill/Potomac Mills/Horner Rd"  and another for “Stafford” 
  • Arlington County will fund the cost of erecting signs at the new location
  • Arlington County will create flyers or brochures to distribute announcing the move
  • Transit police and Arlington Police will assist in directing traffic
  • Changes will also be made to Bus stopping locations. 
  • Arlington County will coordinate enforcement with Metrobus supervisors, transit police and Arlington Police.

Although some counties may reluctantly tolerate slugging, Arlington County and their Commuter Assistance Program have been  very active supporter of slugging.  Not only are they supporting slugging, but they are spending county funds to make slugging even more popular.  As one Arlington



County official stated "We are working hard to support the slug line and am pleased that it has grown so much in Rosslyn that it has been noticed. Problems of success are far better than problems of failure." (referring to the number of people using this method of commuting).

Is the new location just as convenient as the old location? Although it's not across the street from the Metro, it's only about 1.5 blocks away. Not only will it be more efficient and get you home faster than the old line but it has the full support of the county.  With two lines instead of one, the flow of slugs/drivers should increase.  In addition, it will be safer than the old location.

For a map and more information on the Rosslyn Slug Line click here.

Other News…

  • Bob's (aka Long John Silvers) Update - this location has been fenced off forcing the slug line to move to the Circuit City parking lot. Fairfax County is working to help the slugs. ...See Bob's

  • Saratoga Line - Fairfax County officials are working with the new owners of the Saratoga shopping center for commuter parking space.  No agreement has been reached but progress is being made. 

  • Potomac Mills Update - Because of the expansion of the Horner Road Commuter Lot some of the commuter parking spaces at Potomac Mills may be re-negotiated. It is unclear how may of the 950 parking spaces will be retained. Prince William Country officials are working this issue. 

  • Lorton VRE Slug Line added - This is a morning slug line ...See Lorton VRE.


Recent Lost and Found Items

Date lost Lost or Found Item Description Pick Up Location Drop Off Location Vehicle Description Email
3/6/2002 Found Seems to be car key, door lock/unlock, house key and maybe a mailbox key Pentagon Potomac Mills 4 door Gold Cavalier, item found in back seat. HarrisHeidiM
3/4/2002 Lost Atlantic City key chain and a speed pass on it. Tacketts Mill Pentagon not sure
2/27/2002 Found keys Potomac Mills 18th and I
2/22/02 Lost Gold ladies wedding set and watch (rings were tied through the watch's wristband). item was lost while walking from my car to the slug vehicle. Anyone who found it must have found it on the street. Lost around 8:00 AM. Please call. Daventry Pentagon/Crystal City



David LeBlanc


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