Newsletter #6, 26 May 02


Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

New Rt 3 - Gordon Road  Slug Line Starting.  Effective 3 June 2002 Fredericksburg commuters will have a new slug line to use. Todd, a fellow slug, has done a great job organizing a new slug line to start 3 June 02 at the Gordon Road lot off of Rt 3. Send your comments to him at:

Here are the basics:

  • As far as the morning commute, all destinations will be supported, Pentagon, Crystal City, Roslyn, 18th, 14th, LaEnfant, Navy yard..etc.... For the return trip in the afternoon, all riders and drivers will use the Pentagon Fredericksburg Line which is next to the Rt.17 line. After the line stabilizes and grows, we will branch out from the Pentagon for the return trips. The Pentagon will be the ONLY return point for now. Requested times are 5:30am-7:15am (Rt.3) and 3:45pm-5:30pm(pentagon).




Other News…

  • Slugging Poems Updated.  A number of poems have been written by Florence Rosie Givens regarding slugging and commuters. See Poems
  • Message Board.  The slugging message board had over 124 topics and approx. 300 postings. See Message Board
  • New Signs Available for Download.  For who would like to have signs stating their destination, dozens of signs are available. Requests for additional signs have been uploaded to the website.  ...See Downloads.
  • Lost and Found Items . Approximately 300 lost and found items are posted on the website.  This is a real time database so your postings of items is available immediately!  The most recent are listed below but also see Lost and Found.

Recent Lost and Found Items

Date Lost Lost or Found Item Description Pick Up Location Drop Off Location Vehicle_


5/24/02 Found Air Force officer's jacket Commuter lot on Sydenstricker Rd.
5/22/02 Lost Brown eyeglass case with glasses inside Seventh & D Sts., SW, Washington Bob's in Springfield, Va. Light-colored Maxima driven by a gentleman wearing heavy, wraparound black sunglasses
5/17/02 Found Dark green eye case Potomac Mills   Green Maxium
5/17/02 Lost Items Lost: 1. Ericsson T60 cell phone in black leather case - silver face plate

2. Small black case with zipper opener containing glucose test kit

(about size of CD carrying case)

Remarks: Probably on back seat or floor
Pentagon-Tackett's Mill pickup location New Lot, Tackett's Mill 4 door, possibly a Honda, driven by an USAF officer (MAJ or LTC)
5/16/02 Found womans black leather jacket Pentagon Tacketts Mill (new lot) gold Toyota Highlander
5/15/02 Lost White 9 x 12 envelope containing photographs from my son's wedding. Might have slidden under the front passenger. Pentagon Rt 610 Stafford Black Honda w/ child seat
5/15/02 Found Dark green eye glass case Pentagon Green Maxium
5/15/02 Lost Blue Gap Jacket (spring weight)in the back seat.  Topic of converation during ride home was about the housing market in the area.

Pentagon Rt 610 Commuter Lot Red Ford Taurus with an American Flag in the back glass.
5/14/02 Lost Black POAC Gym bag with running shoes and clothes. Horner Rd Pentagon Brown Volvo
5/9/02 Found Remote device to open car Old Hechinger Lot
5/9/02 Found Single Honda key, remote key entry, Giant and Food Lion cards. Horner Rd Rosslyn- Near Newseum Black Honda Accord, 4 Door
5/9/02 Lost Samsung Uproar Cell Phone Pentagon Route 17 Windstar
5/9/02 Lost Keys. Black Honda key, CVS and Giant customer tags, Piglet key chain Rt. 17 Pentagon
5/8/02 Found set of keys Tacketts Mill Rosslyn Forest Green Honda Accord
5/7/02 Lost Sport coat Pentagon Stafford 610 commuter lot Minivan, dark color
5/7/02 Lost Black Motorola StarTac Verizon Mobile Phone w/leather case w/belt clip feature. Pentagon Potomac Mills Dk Green Toyota Corolla
5/1/02 Lost compact red umbrella (lost early May...unsure of actual date) Pentagon Tackett's Mill Small 4-door, maybe light blue.  Gentleman driver wearing glasses.
4/30/02 Found Set of Keys with alarm to your car Food Lion tag and Giant Tag.  There are also a few other items that you will need to tell me to claim your keys. 14th and New York aprox. 4:30 Potomac Mills This is a description of the car you rode in Jeep Grand Cherokee color taupe/brown.  You asked if I could take two slugs and I said "Only one".
4/29/02 Lost cell phone left in back seat. 610 20&L gold 2 door convertible, maybe a chrysler
4/26/02 Lost Boutique shopping bag with just-purchased Ladies outfit. Rosslyn Tackett's Mill Large (8-seater) older model van. Driver was gentleman with reddish brown hair and mustache. cstrunk@crdf.oreg



David LeBlanc


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