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Flexcar Partnership Benefits Slugs by Providing Easy Ride Home, “City Car” for Use During the Day

Slugging, of course, is the answer to many of our individual transportation quandaries.  But as a transportation alternative, it leaves two important questions unanswered: what if I need a car during the day, and how to I get home if I work late?

Effective August 1, has partnered with Flexcar (, the nation’s premier car sharing program, to solve these problems for area slugs.

For a lifetime membership fee of $20 (a $5 discount for Slugs!), Flexcar members get hourly access to a fleet of cars parked at or near Metro stations throughout the region.  Use of the cars averages $7 an hour, and includes gas, insurance, and parking.  Take a Flexcar home at night, or use it for mid-day errands—either way, it’s a perfect complement to Slugging.  For the cost of a few cappuccinos at a coffee shop, you will have lifetime access to a fleet of cars located throughout the metro area.  Even if you never use the cars, a $20 lifetime membership to Flexcar is certainly an inexpensive insurance policy!

Each and every Slug should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and become a member of Flexcar.  

In most cases, Slugs do not need a car while at work.  On the other hand, access to a car can be essential if you want to: 

  • go to an off-site work-related meeting

  • pick  up a sick child from school or daycare

  • go to a doctor’s appointment

  •  run an unexpected errand

  • get home from work after normal slugging hours

 Flexcar can be your “city car”—you will have the benefit of using a car while “in town,” but you can avoid the inconvenience of getting it there in the first place (after all, that’s why there is slugging!). 

Don’t be a Stranded Slug! 

Flexcar is the perfect “guaranteed ride home” if you work too late to slug home.   Whenever I worked late, I only had two choices: spend the night at the office, or have the spouse wake up the kids, load them in the car, and come get me. I've done both and neither is very pleasant. One of the most Slug-friendly aspects of Flexcar’s pricing is that they charge NO hourly charges from 11PM to 7AM.  So, if you were to take a Flexcar home at 9PM and return it at 8AM the next morning (hopefully picking up two Slugs on the way in), you will only pay for three hours of usage.

Late last year, Metro selected Flexcar as its official car sharing partner. As a result, Flexcar has the right to park cars directly at Metro's Kiss and Ride lots. But more excitingly, when Flexcar implements its in-car technology in the coming months, Metro's SmarTrip card will be Flexcar's "smart card" as well." With one "smart card," slugs will be able to move seamlessly from Metrorail to Metrobus (SmarTrip reader installation expected December 2002) to Flexcar.

How Slugs Join Flexcar

It's Easy! Just go to for more details. All you'll need is your basic drivers license and credit/debit/check card information. Be sure to enter the Promo Code “SLUG” in order to receive your $5 membership discount.  Within a few days, you'll receive your membership kit in the mail and you will be ready to go.



Other News…

  • Horner Road Survey Mixed! As of 4 Sep 02 the survey on the homepage of had mixed reviews. Some 55% want to split the Horner Rd line and 45% do not. Comments on the message board indicate strong support but ultimately, the slugs will decide.
  • Horner Road Creates Second Line!  Effective 17 September 02, the Horner Road commuter lot (exit 158 of I-95) will create a second slug-line to accommodate the growth of slugging. The original single line has become so popular that it has effected both safety and efficiency. To better serve the slugs, Horner Road will create a second line in the "New Lot" recently completed. Destinations for each line:

    Old Line: Pentagon, Rosslyn, Crystal City

    New Line: 14th Street, 18th Street, Navy Yard

    For more information see:

    Please help distribute the flyers and spread the word. 

  • When is the Best Time to Slug or pickup slugs?  That's a question we all have and hopefully this website can help! A short survey has been created to collect information on slugging/driving habits. It only takes a few minutes and here is the goal. Once enough data is collected, slugs and drivers will be able to determine the best times and locations to slug.  Wouldn't it be great to know that if you arrived at the slug line a few minutes earlier or later you might find a bunch more drivers/slugs?  See Slug Survey's.
  • Lost and Found Items . Approximately 300 lost and found items are posted on the website.  This is a real time database so your postings are available immediately!  The most recent are listed below but also see Lost and Found.



David LeBlanc



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