Newsletter #9,  10 Nov 02


Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

Upgrades and Features Added to Website!

A number of upgrades and new features have been added to the website to handle the increasing number of visitors and to improve security! Here's just some of the upgrades:

  • Upgraded Message Board - This version has more features including a "quick reply," more powerful search engine, more profile options, 128 bit encryption of password, hidden email feature, and more! See Board.
  • New Events Calendar - An Events Calendar has been installed to allow Slugs to post events that might be of interest to Slugs. For example, The Stafford Board of Supervisors met on November 7th to discuss and vote on the 610 Shuttle Bus Service. See Events Calendar.
  • New Lost and Found System - A new lost and found system has been installed that allows even greater flexibility. Now Slugs can post, edit, and delete entries! In the past, only the administrator could change a posting but now, Slugs are in control! See Lost and Found.
  • New Classified Ads Feature - A new Classified Ads feature has been added to the site! Now slugs can post items for sale or wanted at no cost. See Classified Ads
  • New Survey Software - The survey's are still being developed, but once enough data is collected, slugs and drivers will be able to determine the best times and locations to slug.  Wouldn't it be great to know that if you arrived at the slug line a few minutes earlier or later you might find a bunch more drivers/slugs?  See Slug Survey's.
  • List Server Coming Soon! - A new List Server function has been purchased that will allow Slugs to join specific a Slugging List. The idea is that Slugs could join a list to get updates on that particular slug-line. And, for new lines getting started this would be a great way to stay in touch without having to access the website to "look" for changes.

To all the Slugs and Drivers, thanks for all the support! - Information for commuters.


  Other News…

  • Slugs now have a way to get home after hours! Pay $7 an hour to use the car, insurance and gas included. Plus, no hourly charges from 11PM to 7AM. As you probably know, has partnered with Flexcar (, the nation’s premier car sharing program, to solve these problems for area slugs. Now, to make things even easier, on 1 November 2002 the new keycard is available for all Honda Civics.  Here are the current locations for Flexcar:

    Current Flexcar vehicles most convenient to Slug-lines: L’Enfant Plaza (2 cars), Ballston (2 cars), McPherson Square 

    Coming soon: Flexcar vehicles most convenient to Slug-lines: Farragut North, Metro Center, Rosslyn, Crystal City

    Other current Flexcar vehicles:  College Park/University of Maryland (a car and a pickup truck), New Carrollton (2 cars), White Flint, Shady Grove (2 cars), Grosvenor (2 cars), Silver Spring/The Blairs (2 hybrid gas/electric cars), Dupont Circle, Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights (a car and a pickup truck), Union Station, Eastern Market, King  Street (2 cars), Court House (2 cars), Vienna (2 cars).

  • Shuttle Bus Service For 610 Scrapped - A trial shuttle bus service that was created effective to help accommodate slugs who need to move from the North 610 Commuter Lot and the South 610 Commuter Lot has been scrapped. See Message Board

  • Slugs Get Paid to Commute! - A new program created 21 Oct 02 could help Sluggers by paying them to commute! Yeah, imagine that, getting paid to commute! Get more info at:

  • Slug Story "First Impressions" - A new story on why slugs shouldn't talk...especially if you are planning on testifying to a Congressional subcommittee! See Slug Stories. 

  • 14th at Commerce Dept adds Line. The 234 Commuter Lot line is growing in popularity at 14th at Commerce Dept.  Now this location has three (3) lines supporting slugs. See 14th at Commerce Dept.

  • Lorton Road Parking Area to Re-Open - An email sent yesterday stated that the parking area off I-95 and Lorton Road is scheduled to re-open 25 Oct 02. This would certainly help Lorton sluggers!




David LeBlanc



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