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 October 2019 | Issue #36

Dear Slugs/Drivers:

There are a lot of changes to the 395 Express Lanes, so I wanted to share with you the latest information. 

395 Express Lanes: Slugs, and drivers, are free to DC

The 395 Express Lanes will open this November and the project team has announced a perk to keep slugging strong on I-395.  

When the 395 Express Lanes open, drivers who carpool up to Eads Street and exit the Lanes to drop off sluggers will be able to get back on the Lanes for free Ė but other drivers who first get on the Lanes here will pay a toll. (Of course, if you carpool the entire trip into DC, itís free as well.)

Thatís right, drivers who take sluggers to Eads Street get to go free for the rest of the trip.

How will it work?

  • Carpool up the northbound 395 Express Lanes with your Flex in HOV mode, just like normal.
  • Get off at Eads Street to drop off slugs at the Pentagon or Pentagon City. (Or keep carpooling into DC.)
  • Switch your Flex to ďHOV offĒ -- since you donít have 3 people in the car anymore -- before you get back on the northbound Lanes from Eads Street. That way you donít risk getting pulled over by Virginia State Police troopers who are looking for real cheaters.
  • Even though your Flex will be set to ďHOV off,Ē the operators will know you carpooled to Eads Street. You wonít be charged to finish your trip to the city. Pretty great, right?


Transurban 395

But what if I forget to flip the switch back?
A sign on the ramp to get back on the Lanes will remind you to flip the switch.  And, the operator of Lanes is giving Virginia State Police tools to help to validate the earlier part of your trip, just in case you forget to switch and get pulled over.

Itís that easy Ė a flip of the switch and you go free to DC.

If you donít have an E-ZPass Flex yet, visit EZPassVA.com.

Happy slugging.

David LeBlanc


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Thanks to the Express Lanes and TransUrban for their support. Go to: http://www.expresslanes.com/395


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