Newsletter #11,  27 Jan 03


Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

New Slug Lines Being Formed

A number of slugs and drivers are trying to develop new slug lines. Here are new or recently started lines::

  • 14th and G St.  - An new slug line is forming at 14th and G St. on 3 Feb 03. The destination is for Route 17 Fredericksburg/Stafford as well as Rt 610.  See flyer or visit the webpage.

  • 14th and F St.  - An new slug line is forming at 14th and F St. See webpage.

  • 14th at Commerce Dept adds Line. The 234 Commuter Lot line is growing in popularity at 14th at Commerce Dept.  Now this location has three (3) lines supporting slugs. See 14th at Commerce Dept.

  • Springfield Mall or Kingstowne Lines - There has been interest in starting a line east of the Bob's (aka Long John Silver) for quite some time. I really think these will work but we need somebody to take charge of getting these started!  See Springfield Mall messages or Kingstowne Alexandria messages

Great New Features added to the Website!

A number of upgrades and new features have been added to the website to handle the increasing number of visitors and to improve security! Here's just some of the upgrades:

  • New "Slug Groups" - now has automated mailing lists similar to Yahoo Groups! These automated lists are known as "Groups" or "list-server mailing lists" and allow you to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a specific topic. Many slugs are using this system to coordinate ride homes. See Slug Groups.

  • New Star Rating System - A new star rating system has been introduced to help evaluate slug lines!!  Hopefully this will help others determine which lines to use. Visit you favorite slug line web page and cast your vote! You can even leave comments to tell others the good (or bad) things about the line. See Slug Rating System.

To all the Slugs and Drivers, thanks for all the support! - Information for commuters.



  Other News…

  • Robbery Attempt at Potomac Mills (15 Jan 03) - Please see the message board for details!

  • Newspaper Article (14 Jan 03) - The Star-Ledger recently wrote an article about slugging as a method to help New York City's public transportation problem. Read Article.

  • High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Study could Impact Slugging (17 Jan 03)  - An article in the Washington Post on January 16th discussed a proposal being studies to charge a toll to lone drivers to use the HOV!  See message board for discussion!

  • Robbery at the American Legion Commuter Lot (3 Jan 03) - I was notified by email of a robbery that took place on 30 Dec 02 at the American Legion Commuter Lot as a slug was walking to her car. See Message Board. 

  • Lorton Road Parking Area to Re-Opened - The parking area off I-95 and Lorton Road re-opened in the later part of Oct 02. This has helped the Lorton sluggers!

  • Ever Get Stranded at Work? - As you probably know, slugging does not operate 24 hrs a day. Fortunately, slugs don't have to get stranded thanks to Flexcar (

Flexcar of Washington DC


Some Stats:

  • Message Board has over 500 active topics with  2591 posts in 5 forums

  • 31 Lost and 15 Found items posted on the Lost and Found Section  See the list of items posted in January 2003 at the end of this newsletter.




David LeBlanc



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Lost and Found items posted in January 2003.  See Lost and Found for more details.

Lost or Found Item Description Vehicle From To
Lost Cell Phone Blue Nokia Cell Phone. Believe phone fell out of my pocket into the back seat during the morning commute to work. Unknown Stafford 610 Lot Roslyn Metro
Found Gloves and Headband Tan woolen gloves/white headband Tan Volvo Station Wagon L'enfant (GSA) Bob's (Springfield)
Found Coat Christian Dior Brown Overcoat.  Probably found sometime last spring 02.  Sorry it took so long but I just found out this site existed.  Please call if this is your coat.  Describe yourself, inseam type on the coat and size if you can.  I just want to make Black Chevy Blazer 7th & D Bob's
Lost Keys "Cherish the Memories" key ring, Toyota (doesn't say toyota on key) key, Mitsubishi key, house key, food lion card   Rosslyn Horner Road
Lost Palm Vx Palm Pilot is in a black leather pouch with a belt clip.  I was in the back seat, it must have slipped off my belt before I got out.   Rt. 17, Stafford Pentagon
Lost Cell Phone Motorola flip phone (black) in a black plastic belt clip

Should be in back seat behind driver

Lost on 1/14 in the morning.
Red Honda Civic Coupe Rt 610 Stafford 18th and Penn
Lost Mink Headband Black Mink headband with velcro fastening.  I rode in back seat behind driver.  Female driver picked up 3 slugs.  2 of us were going to CM3 and got out at 20th & Clark.  Driver continued down Clark. Dark color SUV (possibly a Jeep Cherokee) Horner Crystal City
Lost Fujifilm FinePix 2650 digital camera Camera is handsize and silver Toyota Camry Bob's Springfield 7th $ D, SW
Lost Sony Clie (Palm Hand-Held Type) My Sony Clie is in a Black zip carring Case.  I was in the far back seat of a minnie van.  The Drive had mentioned that he was in the Navy for 11 years and had now been out for 12 years!  Their was 2 other people in the van with me a Lt Col in the AF and Tan Minnie Van Rosslyn Stafford 610
Lost Make-Up Bag (Dark Red) Small dark red make-up bag with several cosmetics inside including lipstick, eye shadow, mirror, etc.  Zip Closure   Lake Ridge 18th Street
Lost Sunglasses Oakley sunglasses - Brown frames   Stafford (610) 18th Street
Lost An HP PDA HP PDA silve in a dark brown leather case.
My name and address is in the PDA when
turned on.
Mitchell Estep
cell phone# 240-888-9482 or
desk # 202-484-8752x221
white, lincoln or infinite L'Enfant 7th and D Bobs
Found Glove Red/Black waterproof KOMBI glove   Bob's L'Enfant Plaza
Lost Lunch Bag Green vinyl lunch bag left in back seat.  Bag contains an XBOX Halo game. Dark 4-door Volvo Rosslyn Horner RD
Found Keys Looks like a Honda key and house keys.  Keys have a blue cover.  There is a Modell card and GNC Gold Card also on the ring. Red Ford Escape Horner Rd - new lot NY Ave