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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
0 Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC

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14th and F Street
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Location:  Washington, near the intersection of 14th and F Street, near the 600 block. 

MapQuest provides a detailed map and driving directions to the Slug Line location.
Driving Directions 

Description: The slug line is located in front of the Hamilton restaurant just a few meters from the bus stop (near the pole that has OmniRide information on it) at the corner of 14th and F street. Actually, there are three lines: One for Lake Ridge, another for Dale City, and a third for Montclair/234. These lines serve as both slug lines and OmniRide bus lines.

Destinations:Need a Sign to Carry When Slugging?

Drivers: Drivers can only pick up heading south on 14th Street.

Parking: Meter parking and parking garages

Metro Station: Federal Triangle  (Blue and Orange lines), West side of 12th St. between Pennsylvania & Constitution Aves., NW

Bus: OmniRide, Fairfax Connector, and Metro.

 Metrobus routes serving this station: 11Y (on 14th St.); 13A, 13B, 13F, 13G, 13M (on Constitution Ave.); 30, 32, 34, 35, 36 (on Pennsylvania Ave.); 52, 53 (on 14th St.), 54 (on Pennsylvania Ave. east of 11th); 66, 68 (northbound on 12th St.); A11 (westbound on Pennsylvania Ave. east of 11th 1 Saturday early AM trip); J11 (eastbound), J13 (westbound) (on Pennsylvania Ave. east of 11th ); N7 (southbound on 12th St.); P1 (on Constitution Ave.), P2 (east side of 10th St. south of Pennsylvania), P6 (on Pennsylvania Ave. east of 11th, on 11th St. north of Pennsylvania); S2, S4 (northbound on 12th St.); X1 (on Constitution Ave.)
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