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I95 Express Lanes

November 2015 - Governor McAuliffe and Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne recently announced two projects in partnership with Transurban that will bring significant benefits to anyone who travels on I-95 and I-395 in Northern Virginia.

Extensions of the 95 Express Lanes are planned in both the north and south - providing our customers with even more time-savings and predictability.

We thank our more than 2 million customers and are proud to host approximately 85,000 trips each day on the Express Lanes.  As we did with the 495 and 95 Express Lanes, Transurban will work to deliver these improvements safely and as quickly as possible.

395 Express Lanes Extension Project
The 395 Express Lanes project will convert the existing two I-395 HOV lanes into three Express Lanes from Edsall Road - where the 95 Express Lanes end today - to the D.C. line.  Here's what you need to know:

  • Carpoolers with three or more will travel for free and other drivers will have a new option for a faster rush hour trip by paying a toll
  • The project will provide dedicated funding for transit improvements along the corridor
  • There will be no changes to most interchanges, including around Shirlington Road
  • The Seminary Road ramps will remain HOV-only
  • Eligible communities will be able to vote to receive sound walls
  • Project partners are dedicated to robust public outreach and will seek input from all impacted parties
  • Construction of the project could generate 1,500 jobs
  • Work could start as soon as spring 2017 and is estimated to take about two years  

95 Express Lanes Operational Improvement

Operational improvements at the southern end of the 95 Express Lanes will improve travel conditions in Stafford County.  This project will extend the roadway with a single lane in the median for about two miles, create a new southbound merge after Route 610/Garrisonville Road and add a new northbound entry point.  These improvements will:

  • Include new roadway capacity, and gates and signage for the new entry point
  • Primarily take place within the median, however, tolling and regulatory signs will need to be installed along the regular northbound lanes south of Garrisonville Road
  • Take place within the existing right-of-way - no personal or business property will be affected
  • Begin next year and take about two years to complete
A project factsheet on the 95 southern extension can be found at and additional information about the 395 Express Lanes is available at


High Occupancy Traffic (HOT) Lanes for Sluggers

For sluggers, and the drivers who pick up slugs, traveling on the 95 Express Lanes will be easy – all you need is an E-ZPass® FlexSM. With three people in the vehicle and an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode, sluggers travel toll-free on the 95 Express Lanes all the time.
The 95 Express Lanes will end just after Edsall Road in Fairfax County. The HOV lanes north of this point will remain HOV only, a continued incentive to slug into Arlington and Washington, D.C.Here's what you need to know to prepare for the 95 Express Lanes.

If you are a driver who picks up slugs to travel on the I-95/I-395 HOV lanes, you will need an E-ZPass Flex set to HOV mode to travel toll-free on the 95 Express Lanes:

  • E-ZPass Flex works like a standard E-ZPass but lets you switch between HOV and toll-paying modes
  • The switchable E-ZPass Flex lets us know you are a carpooler so that you won't be charged a toll
  • Switch your E-ZPass Flex to HOV mode to travel toll-free on the 95 Express Lanes
  • Mandatory E-ZPass and enhanced enforcement mean fewer violators
  • E-ZPass Flex works like a standard E-ZPass on all other Virginia toll roads and wherever E-ZPass is accepted – regardless of the position of the switch

The Express Lanes end north of Edsall Road. Standard HOV rules will apply on I-395

  • Carpoolers (HOV-3+) heading north on the 95 Express Lanes will be able to continue on to the I-395 HOV lanes
  • Vehicles that do not meet the HOV requirement when the HOV rules are in effect will need to exit from the Express Lanes and reenter the regular I-395 lanes after Edsall Road to continue into Arlington and Washington, D.C.

Be sure to get an E-ZPass Flex so you can continue to slug – available at AAA Mid-Atlantic, select Giant and Wegmans locations in Northern Virginia, at Tysons Corner Center, online and at E-ZPass customer service centers.

Already have a standard E-ZPass? If you want to carpool/slug on the Express Lanes, add an E-ZPass Flex as an additional transponder on your account, or exchange your existing standard E-ZPass for an E-ZPass Flex.

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