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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC


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Button "Northern Virginia’s oldest ‘slug’ line imperiled by transit center project", By

10 Mar 18

"Why You Should Be Slugging to Work (For Free) Instead of Paying for Uber Pool", By Britt Peterson on January 13, 2016, Washingtonian.

13 Jan 16
Analysis and Evaluation of the Slugging Form of Ridesharing, S. Ma, O. Wolfson. (2013). 2013
FHWA Casual Carpooling Scan Report Nov 2012
Button Would You Ever Be a Slug? Slug lines are probably the most efficient form of urban transit yet invented. By Daryl Nelson. Consumer Affairs 12 Jul 12
"Sergeant Major Gets Weekend in Jail for Slugging Incident"Augenstein, Neal (2011-12-11). 17 Mar 12

Slugging — The People’s Transit, Pacific Standard, by Emily Badger

7 Mar 11
Chan, Nelson and Susan Shaheen. "Ridesharing in North America: Past, Present, and Future." Transportation Research Board, 2010. 1 Aug 10
DC Police Chief: No crackdown on slug lines - WTOP.com 5 Jul 10
"Slugs avoid the slow lane". Houston Chronicle. Falkenberg, Lisa. 2 Jul 07
"Slug Lines Save Time, Money". NBC4. 13 Jun 07
"Slugging in Houston—Casual Carpool Passenger Characteristics". Journal of Public Transportation. Burris, Mark W. and Justin R. Winn. (Full Report) 2006
Where the fastest commuters are ... 'slugs'
Christian Science Monitor 
15 Aug 06
For some in Washington, commuting's a slug-fest
Yahoo News 
27 Jul 06
Slugging to Work Makes Good Commuting Sense
The Waterline
27 Apr 06
"Car-sharing more common abroad". BBC News. 20 Mar 06
"Slugging solution is too simple for experts". The Hill. 3 Aug 05
Hitchhiking is Out, Slugging is In
FOX News
16 Dec 05
Slugging Solution is Too Simple for the Experts
The Hill
3 Aug 05
D.C. Drivers Slug In The Fast Lane
CBS News 
5 July 05
Easy riders -- casual carpooling rolls on with few hassles 30-year-old social experiment rated high by commuters
San Francisco Chronicle 
31 Jan 05
Seeking Balance in Commuter Lots
Potomac News 
14 Dec 04
Carpool Slug
Washington Post 
10 Oct 04
Word of Change Spreads Slowly in Casual Carpools
Washington Post 
22 Apr 04
Speeding Up the Slug Lines
WUSA 9 News TV  
21 Apr 04
Slug Lines to be Revamped at Horner Road Lot
Potomac News
20 Apr 04
Slugs Beat D.C.'s Rush-Hour Traffic
The Waterline
26 Mar 04
CBS Evening News Everyone Has a Story
CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman found for his "Everybody Has A Story" series a person who slugs.
11 Mar 04
"The Ethicist,"  
The New York Times
, Randy Cohen
14 Dec 03
"'Slugging' to avoid Washington slog". BBC News. Clarke, Rachel. 15 Oct 03
Irish TV does story on Slugging to help reduce traffic congestion in Dublin.  4 Nov 03
In the Region's Commuting Battle, Many Choose to Slug It Out 
Washington Post
2 Nov 03
BBC Radio conducted a live radio interview - The British Broadcasting Company did a 4-5 live radio interview in an effort to gain information on how to reduce traffic congestion in England.  27 Oct 03
Capital News Service TV story on Slugging
The Capital News Service at the University of Maryland did a short story on slugging for Maryland TV audiences. Channel 72 in Prince George's County; Channel 2 in Montgomery County.
23 Oct 03
Slugging' to avoid Washington slog
BBC News Online in Washington
15 Oct 03
Slug Finds Fast Track To I-95
The Connection
10 Sep 03
Honolulu plans to adopt 'slug lines'
Pacific Business News
21 Aug 03
Each Weekday they Converge...'
The Northern Virginia Journal
17 Aug 03
Slugging Brings Strangers Together in the Fast Lane
The Free-Lance Star, Fredericksburg, VA
1 Jun 03
In northern Virginia, rides are free and everyone wins
The Virginian-Pilot
9 May 03
CNN Headline News Reports on Slugging
Slugging received national news coverage on CNN Headline News on 8 May 03 at approximately 8:20 pm EST. During the three-four minute segment, the CNN news anchor discussed the amazing slugging phenomena occurring in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.  Also discussed were its many advantages and benefits to the local area. Hopefully, my interview presented slugging in the best way possible and that viewers were left with not only a good impression but a willingness to at least try slugging.
8 May 03
To Commute to Washington, the Early Bird Gets 'Slugs'
29 Apr 03
It's a Slugfest'
The CATO Institute
22 Apr 03
For car-less D.C. commuters, Ride's Never Sluggish
17 Dec 02
Good deal for drivers, passengers
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
8 Dec 02
Impatient commuters form impromptu car pools
Houston Chronicle
2 Dec 02
Metro Officials Hope Ridesharing Program Becomes Eventful
The Seattle Times
26 Nov 02
Carpool Lanes Inaugurated on Rte. 50 in Md.
23 Oct 02
Slugs Join the Fast Lane in D.C.
5 July 02
VDOT  Steer Clear of Slugging
24 Jun 02
A Day in the Life of a Slug
15 Jan 02
Get to Work Fast, Start a Slugfest
LA Daily News
13 Jan 02
`Slugging' has proved to be a success
23 Oct 01
Earley picks up `slugs,' woos commuters
3 Aug 01
Readers urge care, caution when `slugging'
11 Jun 01
New Measures to Relieve Traffic Congestion on 14th Street, NW   
20 Nov 00
Senator Warner Supports Pentagon "Slug Lines" 
22 Jan 99
Carpooling: How one group has stayed `married' 
Aug 98
Ramsey to Find New Sites for 'Slug Lines' 
23 July 98
Slugging It Out
October 97
Slugs and Body Snatchers
Government Executive
1 June 97
Lake Ridge Lot Gets Cold Shoulder
15 Mar 97
Some Cheer, Others Jeer Plan for HOV-2 on I-95 
28 Dec 96
  "Slugging it out in thick traffic," The Washington Times, February 25, 1992, Doug Graham 25 Feb 92
Levy Live 
date unknown

Slugs Play a Vital Role in N. VA Commute

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