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Rt. 234 (Dumfries Road)

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Location: Rt. 234 (Dumfries Road) is located off Exit 152 and east of I-95 and just prior to Route 1 across from McDonald's.

Driving Directions 

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Description: This is a popular pickup for drivers coming from Dumfries/Triangle and further south. It is the first commuter lot (i.e. slug line) north of the current southern end of the I-95 HOV lane. It is also a relatively quick northbound pickup since the lot is only 1/4 mile from the interstate and requires mostly right hand turns.  (Of course, the evening drop off requires left turns, but it still isn't too bad.) There is not direct access to the HOV lane (ala Horner Road), but the one mile stretch of regular interstate that must be traveled to get to the HOV entrance on the northbound side is never backed up, so there's no delay. Ongoing construction on the east side of the interstate at this exit is rumored to be a new off ramp and larger commuter lot with direct HOV access. 

Probably 60-70% of the rides go to the Pentagon, but 14th Street is also popular. 

Best Hours: On normal workdays, the lot fills around 7:00 a.m.


Parking: Commuter Lot

Metro Station: None

Bus: OmniRide.

Returning PM Slug Lines: Pentagon  

NOTE: The Montclaire slug line serves the Dumfries destination too!

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