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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC

Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
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  Cardinal Forest Shopping Center (aka Don's Texaco)

Cardinal Plaza

Location: Springfield, near the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Rolling Road.

8349-8369 Old Keene Mill Rd, West Springfield, VA 22152

Attention! This line may not be operating as of June 2019. I received a report (thanks Nicole), that is has died. If you slug from this location, please let me know.

Description: The Cardinal Forest (occasionally called Rolling Road) slug line operates next to the Shell station on Old Keene Mill Road, across from the Cardinal Forest Shopping Area. Slugs stand a few yards from the bus stop, actually putting them on the edge of the Springfield Golf and Country Club parking lot.

Destinations:  Need a Sign to Carry When Slugging?

Best Hours: 6:00 - 7:00 a.m.—Slow
                      7:00 - 8:00 a.m.—Good

Drivers: This is rather tricky, but cars pull into the Shell station and then maneuver to a paved area that connects the Shell station and the country club. This paved area marked "No Drive" is where the slugs are picked up. Drivers depart by driving through the country club parking lot and back onto Old Keene Mill Road.

Parking: None.

Metro Station: No

Bus: Metrobus (route18P) and the Fairfax Connector.

Returning PM Slug Lines: Pentagon, 14th & NY, 14th & Constitution, L’Enfant Plaza, 19 & F Street.


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