Newsletter #13                         17 Aug 2003

Slugging News…

New Slug Lines Being Formed

A number of slugs and drivers are trying to develop new slug lines. 

  • New 610 Destination at 19th & F St.  There is a move to add Rt. 610 as a destination from the slug line at 19th and F St. beginning 1 September 2003. See Message Board for more info.

  • Springfield Mall or Kingstowne Lines There has been interest in starting a line east of the Bob's (aka Long John Silver) for quite some time. I really think these will work but we need somebody to take charge of getting these started!  See Springfield Mall messages or Kingstowne Alexandria messages

  • Herndon to Rosslyn.  A new line was started in Herndon for Rosslyn commuters as well as the return slug ride home.  They even have a website! See the Herndon page on or visit their site at


New eSlug Concept

Call it "eSlug", "coordinated slugging" or just a variation of traditional carpooling, but a number of locations are using email lists to facilitate slugging home. The Navy Yard has had a list for over a year with over 150 participants to help them get home. And areas like 18th & 25th (with 130 members), and Rosslyn to Rt. 17 (recently started) are growing daily.   "Slug Groups" were developed by to help sluggers get home, but many have simply started their own email lists.  Stay tuned for additional information.


Some Stats:

  • Website has 1241 active members.

  • 1435 subscribers to the newsletter.

  • Message Board has over 561 active topics with  3640 posts and 149,141 readings!

  • 14 Lost and 62 Found items posted on the Lost and Found Section  See the list below of items posted in the last 30 days.



Most Viewed Messages (Aug):

Topic Views
The "Do Not Ride With List" 3929
Hybrids - a threat to car-pooling? 3024
Can I Reject a Rider? 2955
Two Lines for Horner Road 2548
Rt. 3 Gordon Rd - sick and tired 2495

Most Replied Message (Aug):

Topic Replies
610 - DC Downtown Slug Line Relocation 106
Hybrids - a threat to car-pooling? 94
Can I Reject a Rider? 77
A proposal for hybrids 54
Rt. 3 Gordon Rd - sick and tired 52

Features added to the Website!

A number of upgrades and new features have been added to the website to handle the increasing number of visitors and to improve security! Here's just some of the upgrades:

  • New "Slug Groups" - now has automated mailing lists similar to Yahoo Groups! These automated lists are known as "Groups" or "list-server mailing lists" and allow you to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a specific topic. Many slugs are using this system to coordinate ride homes. See Slug Groups.

  • New Star Rating System - A new star rating system has been introduced to help evaluate slug lines!!  Hopefully this will help others determine which lines to use. Visit you favorite slug line web page and cast your vote! You can even leave comments to tell others the good (or bad) things about the line. See Slug Rating System.

To all the Slugs, Drivers and Sponsor, thanks for all the support! - Information for commuters.



David LeBlanc


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Lost and Found items posted in last 30 days.  See Lost and Found for more details and a complete list of items.

Date Item Description From To Phone
Lost 20030715 Keys Two keys on a silver and black horseshoe shaped key ring, plus remote for Volvo.  One key has a red top, the other has a thick black square top. Lost on 14 July 03, morning. The owner of the car has a daughter that attends Mary Washington College. 610 Stafford Pentagon 703-697-7708
Lost 20030715 Keys Two keys on a sliver and black horseshoe shaped key ring plus remote for Volvo.  One key has red top, other has square shaped thick black top.  Lost on 14 July 03, evening. Pentagon 610 Stafford 703-697-7708
Lost 20030716 Set of Keys Set of keys with membership tags to "Gold's Gym" and "Woodbridge Sport and Health". The set includes keys to GMC truck w/alarm, a gray alarm to office, a blue and black security light, and a set of individual keys. Keys were lost in back seat of a bright yellow, 2-door Ford.  Focus/Matrix.Please contact me at 703-692-8772 or 571-263-1464.Keys were found. Horner Road Pentagon (703)692-8772
Lost 20030723 Handbag (Backpack look) The dark hand bag is a fabric handbag that looks like a small backpack. It was left in vehicle by mother and daughter traveling together Pentagon Route 17 540-287-8390
Lost 20030724 14K CZ Ring Fell out of waistpack on trail to/from Hanging Lake in CO. Glenwood Canyon, CO Hanging Lake, CO  
Lost 20030725 Pocket Knife Small Stainless Steel Dress Pocket Knife, Fell out of pocket in front seat Pentagon RT 3 Fredericksburg 703-553-5709
Lost 20030725 Portable CD in Black Carrying Case Rode home from Pentagon about 5:45pm on Friday, 07/25/03; arrived Tackett's about 6:10pm in Nissan Maxima.  Left my CD carrying case in the back seat.  Contains Memorex CD player with headphones, as well as a compartment for storing CD's.  Please call if found to arrange pickup. Pentagon Tackett's Mill 202-267-9702
Lost 20030729 Coffee Cup I left my coffee cup in the center console cup holder.  The words, "Coffee Beanery" are on the the gold colored cup with a black lid. Horner Road Rosslyn w 202-974-4670
Lost 20030730 Cell Phone Silver flip top Sprint cell phone Pentagon 610 202-296-3306
Lost 20030801 Ribbed Beige Short Sleeve Blouse Ribbed Beige Short Sleeve Blouse, size large in white Nordstrom bag left in back seat of car.  Drive and daughter commute together. Pentagon Horner Road 703-428-0403
Lost 20030805 umbrella black Totes, auto-open, collapsible, missing strap, "KLEMM" engraved on handle butt, left in back seat. Forrester Blvd & Seabright bus stop L'Enfant Plaza Metro (703) 451 0966
Lost 20030805 Acura car keys with blue Giant tag I believe my keys slipped out of my purse on Monday morning (4 Aug).  I was in the back seat behind the female driver. We discussed radio disc jockeys during the drive. Thank you. Rolling Road Pentagon, South Pkg  
Lost 20030807 Govt ID Govt ID - P. WalkerLeft in front seat of car springfield 18th & H 202 - 254-0189
Lost 20030807 Blackberry Believe my Blackberry slipped off my belt during my ride on 31 July 2003.  Would probably be in the front passenger seat or on the floor next to it.  Have sent messages to it, but no response.  Please let me know if you find it. Horner road Pentagon  
Lost 20030813 Govt, ID Badge picture of blk female NCR Badge for the Defense Security Service Crystal City Rte 610 (703) 604-0582
Lost 20030815 Blue Nike Bag Blue Nike bag left in the back seat. Rt 17 Crystal City 703-601-4137
Lost 20030815 Gold Crochet Hook It fell out of the blanket I was working on in the back seat. Rt. 17 Roslyn Metro 703/312-7287
Found 20030716 Keys Keys found last night."Golds Gym card" on the ring. 610 Stafford Pentagon 703 695 1475
Found 20030724 Sandals brown leather Naturalizer Potomac Mills Pentagon 703-933-2084
Found 20030724 Sprint Cell phone Small flip-type phone.  Bar code on back looks like business cell phone.  Found in back seat. Bobs 18th St 202-458-0665
Found 20030728 Watch Nice watch with black rubber-type band. Please call, describe type and provide serial number on back. Unknown Rt 630 Stafford 703-695-0257
Found 20030801 Glasses Pair of reading glasses in black Ray Ban soft case found in left passenger side back seat. 19th & F Sts. Rolling Valley 202-906-7584
Found 20030802 Keys Found found someone's keys and would like to return them to the person who road with me from Rolling Valley to L'Enfant Plaza this morning.  Left Rolling Valley about 7:00 a.m. Rolling Valley L'Enfant Plaza 202-268-4744
Found 20030807 Glasses Glasses with red finish found on ground near bus stop in new section of Horner Road parking lot. Washington DC Horner Road 703-494-5828
Found 20030811 SmartTrip Pass Call with description of holder. Pentagon 234 Commuter Lot (703)697-5084
Found 20030812 CIA Baby Outfit Blue baby "onesie" with Central Intelligence Agency logo 14th & Constitution Bob's 703-463-5595
Found 20030812 CIA Baby Outfit Note correction to my phone number on previous listing.  Correct:  703-643-5595 14th & Constitution Bob's 703-643-5595