Newsletter #15                              Nov 13th,  2004

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High Occupancy Traffic (HOT) Lanes: A new section was added to the website recently to address the subject of HOT lanes. Basically, there is a proposal to convert I-95's existing high-occupancy vehicle lanes, or HOV lanes, into high-occupancy toll lanes, or HOT lanes. Under this concept high-occupancy vehicles (HOV-3) could still travel for free but solo drivers would pay to use for a price depending on congestion -- thereby supplying a revenue source for the new road. 

Details of the proposal are listed on the Virginia Department of Transportation website (visit site) and was submitted under Virginia's Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA). Here is a summary of one proposal:

I-95 Hot Lanes Unsolicited PPTA Proposal

Submitted in November 2003, this unsolicited proposal from Clark/SCC/KPRI would develop, finance, design and construct new high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes from I-495 to Route 17. The project would be accomplished in three phases:

  1.  Increase the capacity of the existing HOV facility to three lanes.
  2.  Connect the improved HOV facility to the Capital Beltway -- Phase 8 of the Springfield Interchange project.
  3.  Extend the HOV facility southward towards Fredericksburg.

Slugs have numerous message threads on the message board. Here are just a few:

If you have information or opinions on the use of HOT lanes for I95 please visit the website forum.

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To all the Slugs, Drivers and Sponsor, thanks for all the support! - Information for commuters.


The Message Board: Please remember that the website and the message board were created to help other slugs and promote slugging as a commuting alternative. Simply put, I envisioned a message board where slugs helped slugs. Since slugging is somewhat dynamic and new people move in and out of the area, I hoped seasoned slugs would help new slugs with this unusual form of commuting. Unfortunately, over the past few months some of the postings on this message board have not been helpful and plain mean spirited. The personal attacks have generated complaints from users and recently a person created a username called Admin. (note the period) in an attempt to impersonate me. I have been extremely selective in deleting postings and banning users from the website. I want to keep a "free speech" forum where people can share their opinion freely. But, some of the posting have stepped over the line and offer nothing constructive (my opinion). I would simply ask that everyone use this forum to help promote slugging and help create solutions not animosity.

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Lost and Found items posted in last 90 days.  See Lost and Found for more details and a complete list of items.

Lost/Found Posted
Item Title From To
LOST 20041110 Left large black scarf/shawl in back seat of car Tacketts Mill/Minneville Lot Pentagon
FOUND 20041108 Air Force  Dress Coat Pentagon Route 234
LOST 20041104 Umbrella 17 Crystal City
LOST 20041103 US Passport 610 L'Enfant
LOST 20041030 Green Laptop Bag Pentagon Stafford 610 Lot
FOUND 20041030 Green Laptop Bag Pentegon 610 Stafford Lot
LOST 20041029 Wool Coat Rosslyn Tackett's Mill
LOST 20041028 Nextel Cellphone - Black L'Efant Plaza - In Front of GSA Building Horner Road
LOST 20041027 Rain Coat Pentagon Gordon Rd/Rt 3
LOST 20041021 Umbrella Crystal City 610
LOST 20041020 Over Coat Rosslyn Potomac Mills
LOST 20041019 Key Rolling Valley 18st -F
LOST 20041019 sprint cell phone stafford mine road rosslyn
FOUND 20041019 Umbrella 234 Pentagon
LOST 20041017 Book (Song of Soloman) and bag Old Bridge Commuter Lot 14th and New York
FOUND 20041016 Keys Rolling Valley 12th & Constitution
LOST 20041015 Women's Burgundy Overcoat Pentagon Horner Road
LOST 20041012 keys Tackett's Mill Rosslyn
FOUND 20041012 AirForce Female Sweater Horner Rd Rosslyn
FOUND 20041008 Women's brown suit jacket Pentagon Rt 234
LOST 20041007 Keys RT 17, Falmouth Rt. 17, Falmouth
LOST 20041007 Pager 7th & D Bob's
LOST 20041007 Silver flip Cell Phone Horner Road Crystal City
LOST 20041006 Car keys and house keys Rosslyn Horner
LOST 20041006 Gold Byzantine Bracelet Tacketts Mill Pentagon
LOST 20041006 Car Keys Horner Road Rosslyn
LOST 20041005 Cell Phone Pentagon 610
FOUND 20041004 Umbrella Horner Rd 12th & Clark
FOUND 20041004 Car Keys Horner Road Pentagon
FOUND 20040930 glasses Pentagon Mine Road Rt. 610
LOST 20040930 CD in black cd jogging bbag Pentagon Gordon Road
LOST 20040929 3 IDs and Metro Smart Card Old Hechinger 14th & New York Av
LOST 20040929 car keys horner lot washington, dc
FOUND 20040928 Car Keys Pentagon Horner
LOST 20040928 Glasses. Horner Rd. 18th & G street
FOUND 20040923 Glasses Bob's 12th & Penn.
LOST 20040923 Ladies Elgin Wrist Watch 610 Mine Rd Lot 610 Mine Rd Lot
LOST 20040923 Cell Rosslyn Horner
LOST 20040923 Cell Phone Horner Rd Independence
FOUND 20040923 Cell Phone Horner Rd Independence
LOST 20040922 Green coat Pentagon Sydenstricker
FOUND 20040921 Sports Jacket circut city (bob's) rolling valley mall
FOUND 20040920 Single gold-hoop ear ring Pentagon Potomac Mills
LOST 20040917 Purse-Cranberry Jones of New York Purse Horner Road Crystal City
FOUND 20040916 Umbrella Pentagon Rt. 17 lot
LOST 20040915 Bicycle Head Lamp 610 Mine Road Stafford Pentagon
LOST 20040913 Black Cellphone Rossyln Horner Road
FOUND 20040909 umbrella old Circuit City in Springfield C St. NW
FOUND 20040908 Key Rolling Valley 18th and I St., N.W.
LOST 20040908 Nextel Blackberry Old Hetchingers - Rt123 18th and I
LOST 20040908 Car Keys 610 - Mine Road Lot 12th & Penn
LOST 20040908 Car Keys 610 - Mine Road Lot 12th & Penn
FOUND 20040908 Lady's Watch Circuit City Springfield 12th & Constitution
LOST 20040907 Glasses 14th & Penn. Horner Road
FOUND 20040907 CD's and Lunch Rolling Valley 18th & L St
FOUND 20040907 Prescription glasses Circuit City (Springield) 14th & New York Ave
LOST 20040907 Anteon Badge Horner Road Pentagon
FOUND 20040904 Keys on Disney Cuddly Bear Ring Horner Road Roslyn
LOST 20040903 White Golf Cap Springfield 14th & New York, NW
LOST 20040903 Keys Horner Road 14th Street