Newsletter #6, 26 May 02


Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

Crystal Gateway Relocates on 29 Apr 02 Effective 29 April 2002 the Crystal City Gateway Slug Line  on S. 12th Street, will relocate approximately 50 yard to the east of its current location.  

For the past month, the Arlington County Commuter Assistance Program ( and Arlington County Department of Public Work's Traffic Engineering Division have been assessing the traffic and safety concerns at the Crystal Gateway slug line. 

  • The new location is just down the block from the old line and begins where 12th Street S. meets Crystal Drive and continues down Crystal Drive. 
  • The Police Department will be assisting the slug participants by directing them to the new location.
  • Approximately 6 parking meters have been restricted "NO Parking 3 p.m.-6 p.m." to allow for slugging. This will allow drivers to pull to the curb to pick-up slugs
  • All vehicles please remember to pull up to the curb as close as possible, don't double-park or block other cars 
  • Problems can be reported to Sgt. John Rizik of the Arlington County Police at 703.228.4098.
  • For a map and more information on the Crystal City Gateway Slug Line click here.



Other News…

  • New Route 3 Slug Line Considered  A slug is trying to determine if there is interest in starting a new slug line near Route 3 in either the Ukrops lot or at Gordon Rd. Sketch of proposed site should be available in the next day. Send your comments to him at:

  • Saratoga Line - Negotiations continue between Fairfax County and the management of First Washington Property Management.  They had a meeting on Monday to determine which parking spaces would be use for commuters based upon their parking requirements. Fairfax County sent them a copy of the Shared Parking Ordinance so that they understand that dedicated commuter spaces will not impact parking requirements. They were also told that the County provides liability insurance.  More to follow but everything seems to be on track.

  • New Signs Available for Download For who would like to have signs stating their destination, dozens of signs are available. Requests for additional signs have been uploaded to the website.  ...See Downloads.


Recent Lost and Found Items

Date lost Lost or Found Item Description Pick Up Location Drop Off Location Vehicle Description Email
4/23/02 Found Lady with green coat left a folder with papers about catering Rosslyn 4:40 Tackets Mill 5:10 Honda CRV, Green
4/23/02 Lost Men's Blue Rain Coat w/ Hood. Lots of pockets; made for camping. Tackett's Mill (New Lot) Crystal City Metro VA Licence YFM 3598 (I think)
4/18/02 Lost Plastic bag with binders and folders from various printers for The New Republic. NEED URGENTLY! 14th & New York Potomac Mills aqua (i think) honda (i think)
4/18/02 Lost StarTac Cell Phone Rolling Valley 14th & Pennsylvania BMW - Tan Leather Seats?
4/17/02 Lost Car and house keys on a leather burgundy keychain which include a remote car door opener for a Ford Mercury Sable. Also included are savings cards for Giant, CVS, and Food Lion. Potomac Mills, time could of been AM or PM Potomac Mills , time could of been AM or PM I have no idea. I was a rider.
4/25/02 Lost StacTac Cell Phone (703) 298-5082 Pentagon Potomac Mills Silver Volvo 740/760 (about 1992) 130K with white male driver



David LeBlanc


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