Newsletter #7, 28 Aug 02


Important News…

Highlights of the Latest Slugging News…

Horner Road Creates Second Line!  Effective 17 September 02, the Horner Road commuter lot (exit 158 of I-95) will create a second slug-line to accommodate the growth of slugging. The original single line has become so popular that it has effected both safety and efficiency. To better serve the slugs, Horner Road will create a second line in the "New Lot" recently completed. Destinations for each line:

Old Line: Pentagon, Rosslyn, Crystal City

New Line: 14th Street, 18th Street, Navy Yard

For more information see:

Please help distribute the flyers and spread the word. 

Next Month...

  • New Partnership with Flexcar Established.  In the September Newsletter look for more information on this valuable service available to Slugs. More information.

Other News…

  • Route17 Line Revived at L'Enfant Plaza. An effort is being made to revive the Route 17 slug line at L'Enfant Plaza. Currently the line will operate on the East side of the GSA building. See L'Enfant Plaza
  • 16 New Slug Lines? There have been 16 new slug lines proposed on the message board. Below are just a few. Would these work?:
  • New Poems on Slugging. Local writer, Florence Rosie Givens, has written new poems about slugging. Not only is she a writer but a slugger too! see Poems.
  • Message Board Hot Topics.  The hottest topics this month are:  "Can I Reject a Rider" being read over 1078 times and "Tacketts (New Lot) Etiquette" read over 1012 times. The slugging message board had over 231 topics and hundreds of postings. See Message Board
  • Lost and Found Items . Approximately 300 lost and found items are posted on the website.  This is a real time database so your postings are available immediately!  The most recent are listed below but also see Lost and Found.

Recent Lost and Found Items

Date lost Lost or Found Item Description Pick Up Location Drop Off Location Vehicle Description Email
 8/19/02 Lost Kyocera cell phone, black. Please call any of the speed dials 2-8 to find me. Banner reads "Marine Corps" Pentagon 234 light blue/gray metallic, foreign maybe Nissan, 4 door, listened to Christian music, driver was in the Army and was wearing fatigues, front seat passenger was also military who drove a teal suzuki and wore a green tshirt and jeans. Driver had an ad attach 
 8/19/02 Lost Cellular Phone: VoiceStream Samsung N105
Description: Small flip cell phone with handstrap
Color: Gold
Size: 4.10 x 1.64 x .68 inches
Weight: 3.15 ounces
Bob's Memorial Bridge Line 23rd & I (Foggy Bottom) Beige/Tan Honda Odyssey. One child seat in the middle bench seat. Driver was an oriental lady accompanied by a tanned grey haired gentleman. 
 8/19/02 Lost Black Motorola Star-Tac cellphone with Verizon logo. When turned on my name and the phone's number is displayed. Potomac Mills Overflow - Bob Evans Courthouse Metro Chevy Malibu 
 8/19/02 Found Pair of sunglasses, gold wire rims, non prescription. Tacketts Mill Pentagon White Chevy Cavalier 
 8/16/02 Lost Clear plastic sleeve that contained drivers license, Visa credit card, Aetna medical card, Martz tickets (red), misc insurance cards, etc. Pentagon Route 17 4 door blue or green Hyundai 
 8/16/02 Lost Clear plastic sleeve that contained drivers license, Visa credit card, Aetna medical card, Martz tickets (red), misc insurance cards, etc. Route 17 18th & I Brown Bravado (Oldsmobile) 
 8/15/02 Lost Sprint Cell phone, made by Logistics. Small flip phone. Hade the greeting of "Sprint sucks" on the LCD 7th And D Bobs MiniVan that carried 4 slugs in it. Driver and front seat passenger seemed to be friends a spoke to each other the entire way home. 
 8/15/02 Lost Man's Burberry Jacket (Charcoal) Rolling Valley Mall Park & Ride Pentagon Newer SUV - Blue Ford Explorer (?) 
 8/14/02 Lost Small, blackberry handheld email pager.  Has and earthlink sticker on the back. L'Enfant Plaza Bob's I have no recollection at all. 
 8/13/02 Lost Cell phone with blue cover on the front Pentagon Rt. 17 Stafford  Gentleman driving a Dark Blue Volkswagen Jetta/ I was seated in the back seat  
 8/ 9/02 Found set of keys with two remote openers Potomac Mills L'enfant 4 door Burgundy car 
 8/ 8/02 Lost Ladies' silver-toned analog wristwatch, with pale grayish face.  I sat behind the front seat passenger, and the watch probably fell on the floor there as I left the car at Rolling Valley. L'Enfant Plaza Rolling Valley I don't remember car-- driver and front passenger were mother & daughter. Conversation on the way home included a discussion of where your husband planned to take you for your 27th(?) wedding anniversary; daughter suggested somewhere in Old Town or DC 
 8/ 6/02 Lost Blue Air Force uniform pants rolled up in clear plastic bag Horner Rd Crystal City Silver Toyota Avalon 
 8/ 5/02 Found Brown Felt Hat Tackett's Mill Crystal City Blue Nissan Altima 
 8/ 5/02 Found Black umbrella with burgundy wood handle. Rosslyn Horner Rd Blue Honda Accord 
 8/ 2/02 Lost cell phone front seat on Friday, 2 Aug 02 Pentagon Tackle Mills Blue SUV 
 8/ 2/02 Lost Black Leather Bag with Male Toiletries Rolling Valley Mall 14th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW Can't remember 

 8/ 2/02 Lost AT&T Mitsubishi T250 Cell Phone, dark blue Pentagon Tackle Mills, VA Dark Blue SUV, Msgt, U.S. Air Force, Male Driver 



David LeBlanc



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