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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
Slugging Poems
 The following poems were submitted by fellow Slugs. Special thanks to Florence Rosie Givens:
"Coffee and The Slugs" Dec 2004
"Ride in Ease" Dec 2004
"Slug-Line Praise" Dec 2004
"Be Nice to Drivers Day"
"Slug-Lines.com Sentiments"
  'Twas the Slug Ride Before Christmas
  "The Quiet Commute"
  " What We've Learned"
   "Slugline Schedule"
  " A Commuter's Conversation "
  " HOV Violators "
  " The Commuter's Song "
  " Commuter's Hope "
  " The Commuter's Ride "
  " HOV  Lanes "
  " VDOT's Regular Goals "
  " The Slugline Touch "
  " Traffic Report "
  " Carpool "
  " Work And Home "


"Coffee and The Slugs"

There's got to be a better way
they press upon themselves,
For they know it's got to be off to 
work or bills due upon the shelves.

In the middle of the night they try 
to find their bearings and some rest,
For the ride the hours ahead will have
them facing a ride with some guest.

But before they leave they with all of
their power reach for a coffee cup,
Not asking questions that early in the
morning but just saying," fill it up!"

You would think day after day they 
would be racing for the slug-line,
But they stand in line to wait their turn
knowing everything would be just fine!

All because they feel confident that the
slug-line will bring them much joy,
When they reach their destination
and the places where others employ!

They got a ride, that's what they really
meant to do as far as the HOV goes,
For the day will be easier, because the
slug-lines gets them through it shows!

At home they have coffee before a slug-line 
pick-up starts on its daily way to work,
For "Coffee and Slugs" make for a good 
morning, needing it for a jolt and a perk!
2004 by Florence Rosie Givens

"Ride in Ease"

As it was told many years ago
that the slug-lines are for HOV,
No need to wonder how it is
handled for the service is free!

For all of the new comers, we do 
welcome you to ride with us,
For we've been at this for years
putting in a very mutual trust.

We went to the slug-line and we
just got a ride to our place,
For we work here you know and
they want dearly to see our face!

We can say it's working all the time
and effort that we all put into it,
For we trust the drivers for their
schedules for all we do is just sit!

We get to work in ease of the mornings'
rush that's too hectic for our very bones,
So we can say the slug-lines takes out
the many moans and often groans!

Yes, we're commuters and we'll commute
by info on www.slug-lines.com website,
For they've put much effort into it and it has
made our slugging to be just right!
2004 By Florence Rosie Givens

"Slug-Line Praise"

Many thanks for the efforts...
For the toil and routes...
All of the time saved...
All of the screaming silenced...
Much more than we could name...
VDOT's efforts despite the negs..
Positive sayings for VDOT's score...
A Website for Slug-Lines.com info...
Good reports from fellow sluggers...
They all chipped in for progress...
It finally worked because VDOT tried...
Everyone can slug in every weekday...
All have benefited by the slug-lines...
It's a wonderful feeling to know...
That....www.Slug-Lines.com is
there for us...twenty-four seven...
Check them out and say nice things...
For they are deserving of it and more! 
2004 By Florence Rosie Givens

"Be Nice to Slugs Day"

You're nice to Slugs though
        they do not pay,
As you pick them up from the
        line on your way.

You cater to their need of getting
     to the job of their choice,
As they read, rest,  or nap while
      they spare their voice.

They do the Drivers a favor by
     getting in the slugline,
For it gets them all to work
     of which is just fine.

Many Drivers wait for Slugs in
     order to ride in the HOV,
As Slugs drive in also to
     keep the cycle free.

It's not only for Slugs to be
encouraged and not to quit,
But it's also for the many Drivers
      and their benefit!
(c) 2004 By Florence Rosie Givens

"Be Nice to Drivers Day"

All too well the Slugs know
    what they're in for today,
As they quietly greet Drivers
  as they start on their way.

The Slugs are bold and show
    a gratitude on their face,
As the Drivers move on up or
    drive at a steady pace.

It's a grand thing to be driven
   to work being at ease,
As the Drivers remain watchful
and Slugs do as they please.

Some Slugs feel that the ride is
      really mutually shared,
All because of the HOV's Slug-Lines
    and someone that cared.

To even start a line such as the
  Slug-Line they well know,
As the Slugs ride to work and
   show kindness as they go!
(c) 2004 By Florence Rosie Givens

"Slug-Lines.com Sentiments"

The way to be transported
with a freedom of schedule...

The line that says you're
in control of your way....

The rules that mean you're
courteous without a word...

The avenue whereby you can
really advance individually...

The decision that's really up
to the riders to converse...

The participation that is loved
by many drivers and riders alike...

A Website called by the name
of www.slug-lines.com  (for all)...

A dream that has come true for
many workers that used to drive...

All because someone decided
to get the word out about...
"Slugging" and the how to's
and the what if's...

A Sentiment that can't get any
better than...www.slug-lines.com!
(c) 2004 By Florence Rosie Givens

'Twas the Slug Ride Before Christmas

'Twas the slug ride before Christmas and all through the hills
Not a slug line was stirring, not even at Potomac Mills.

My car was parked in the lot with care,
In hopes that a slug ride soon would be there.

When out on the street there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my car to see what was the matter.

Away to the slugline I flew in a flash
Sprinting across the lot in my typical dash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the luster of mid-day to the Mixing Bowl below.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature car, and toward me it veered.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick!

More rapid than eagles, his subcompact it came,
And he whistled, and shouted and called me by name!

He was chubby and plump, a jolly old elf,
And I laughed when I saw him in spite of myself.

A wink of his eye and the look on his mug
Soon gave me to know that he needed a slug!

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work
Filled his car with three slugs and took off with a jerk.

He stomped on the pedal and to all gave a whistle,
And away we all flew like the down of a thistle.

And I heard him exclaim before we hit 95,

"Happy Christmas, Dear Slugs, and to All a Good Night!"


" The Quiet Commute"

Awakened and wide-eyed for the
journey in the Spring of the year,
As the softness of petals fall from
the blossoms so dear.

We ride up the road, down and
back again to the spot,
Even to the lot where our car is
parked in the Summer's hot.

We read along the way and speak
when spoken to as a rule,
We reminisce about the Fall of the
year when it's really cool.

All the yearlong we commute and
see a lot of things,
The Winter season and the joyful
songs the commuter sings.

The commuter really sings a song
all the day through,
Smiling of " The Quiet Commute"
that's all about us too.

How we make their day pleasant as  
it can seem to be,
When we're nice we make a day
at work feel so free.

So keep up the good work and give
yourself a pat on the back,
Stay encouraged and never give the
happy times no slack.

Remembering "The Quiet Commute"
as you pass the word around,
Also about the "Sluglines" and the
nice people that there abound.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

" What We've Learned "

We've learned to make a line and
keep it straight,
For it would not benefit to make
others to be late.

We've learned that people at times
have some concern,
It's rough sometimes to get out there
and a living to earn.

We've learned to be reasonable we
must all commute,
So that we can have patience and
not so often our horn to toot.

We've learned that others seek to
get to and from work,
Not to be thought of as always
being a jerk.

Tune it down a little to the peaceful
ride of the day,
And let the things we've learned be
a lesson on the way.

On our way to freedom of one day
too being retired,
And encouraging someone else on
the first day they get hired.

It's all about commuting and "commute"
is what we will do,
"What We've Learned"...may someday
turn out to help you.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

" Slugline Schedule"

Look at the listing upon the
walls or look upon the post,
For it's for the commuters
wanting to travel the most.

It's of essence to start a line
then with all hope,
Stay diligently upon the post
for it will help you cope.

You can cope with the traffic
a little better in the line,
Making it an effort to help
others to really feel fine.

For the Sluglines need the
patrons that sends a smile,
To help them get over the day
and the travel of the mile.

It seemed to have worked thus
far and on today,
When you visit the Website
sending info your way.

You know the Website with a
" Slugline Schedule" within,
When venturing on the site
it's as if you found a friend.

To stand by you and answer
your questions, have you one?
For "Slug-Lines.com" has info
of a "Slugline Schedule"...
whilst you're on the run.

Easily accessible on and off
you can be free,
And learn of the HOV and its
minimum occupancy of three.

How the " Slugline Schedule"
makes your day,
Will be praised by the people
you see on your way.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

" A Commuter's Conversation "

Tell it like it is of course it's more
money to be made,
We commute of course to get more
when we get paid.

We've tried the town and round-a-bout
to not much avail,
And with our families in need we
mustn't  them fail.

So yes, we commute and no offense to
the ones that don't,
For we want what we want and some
have said " I won't."

But sometimes we see them in line
for they've learned the score,
That you do commute sometimes when
you reach for more.

We think we're okay for it's of our
own obvious choice,
To get to the Sluglines and to save
our dear voice.

For when we commute whether on
the bus, by car, or van,
We know we're on our way to be
happy in the land.

It's freedom we seek and freedom
we will converse,
For we're thankful of the commute
it always could be worse.

Thankful we've a job to go to and
a home in return,
It's our own business that we daily
commute to earn.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

"HOV Violators"

People like for you to abide
by the rules of the HOV,
But then they find that you
don't as it suppose to be.

As you go riding off to work
you hear talk of commuters,
It's of etiquette to be quiet
but it may need the tutors.

When some people see the
offenders in HOV,
They point them out for the
other riders to see.

They're then called "One-ies"
not the so called three,
As they're pointed out by the
patrons with glee.

Of all the nerve they said
while riding along,
That " HOV Violators" try
the "One-ies" song.

They yell there goes one did
you see?
When they know HOV lanes
needs three.

So goes the offenders and
they seem to get by,
Until the officer observe them
as they zoom on a fly.

It may be best to remain in the
other traffic lane,
Until you meet your quota of
three to make it plain.

You're all set and the "One-ies"
are then not called out,
If you need help check it all on
"Slug-Lines.com when in doubt.

It's better for you, for then you
can be on your way,
For it leaves no place for the
"HOV Violators" on today.
Copyright (c) 2002 by Florence Rosie Givens

" The Commuter's Song "

We travel away from home every day,
We look forward to work along the way.
We often drive or just ride as a measure,
It's not done now merely for pleasure.

We'd play a tune, stay at home in place,
It's inadequate in this economical race.
So we awaken bright eyed raring to go,
Having a safe journey as far as we know.

We hear the music of the work place flute,
We're the Commuters...We will Commute.
Commute Yearlong, Being Strong...Our Song.
Copyright (c) 1999 By Florence Rosie Givens

" Commuter's Hope "

We work all yearlong,  and keep up
our hope,
We try all day long to get through the
commute and cope.

We hear of others victories, and of their
accomplishments and needs,
It seems that we must work, if we want
to succeed.

We put in a lot of time, and go through
slight conflicts at times,  
With peace and harmony expressed
it's back to rhythm and rhyme.

We work today so we don't really have
to tomorrow,
And we'll soon have hope of retirement,
without the sorrow.

So to other commuters, commute on, give
it your best,
For you will too, just like your forerunners,
pass the test.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

" The Commuter's Ride "

Oh, here we go aboard the bus,
Full of people going to work without
the fuss.
They move on to their respective seats,
Not before they crease their jackets,
and make them neat.

They then sit there with newspapers
and books,
The overhead lights now on, with
other people's looks.

Some want to sleep, and not be
disturbed by the light,
For they want their rest they didn't
get last night.

The scene goes on as other people
come aboard and walk by,
While others that don't want seat mates
pretend to look to the sky.

Do they realize that you pay, as well as
themselves for the ride?
If they did, would they seem to want
to hide?

Please, let's get all the formalities over,
and let the bus ride begin,
After all, in the evening on the return trip
it repeats all over again.
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens


"HOV  Lanes "

How about telling me how this works
for it's of interest to me,
It's here all over the United States for
others to commute and see.

Now when you start out do you need
more than one person in the car?
Or would you be stopped for not
abiding by the three-rule so far?

All it takes is to have at least three
persons in the vehicle,
So when the apparent officer pulls
up you will be tickled.

For you have the right number in
High Occupancy Vehicle needed,
For the laws are set for the traffic
that proceeded.

The traffic reached their goal by
thirty minutes or more,
And they're at work while the
rest of the traffic keeps score.

Inch by inch and move by move
without the lanes of the HOV,
And that's what VDOT want the
commuters to see. 
Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

VDOT's Regular Goals

All set they say when people read
the papers to learn,
That VDOT has always had the goals
set that they earn.

Now VDOT gets to work early so they
know the deal,
When they proudly display their circle
of the VA Seal.

How do they manage to do what they
set out to do?
When they think of important views of
the people like you?

For they have sorted and found it to
be of great benefit,
To be involved in the handling of the
global commuter's knit.

How they do these things while doing
the best they can,
When towns further their growth and
the public's demand.

Yet VDOT will always somehow come
to dearly be,
For it's supported by kind patrons like
you and me.

So VDOT is dearly the department
set out in times of old,
For they accomplish so much and
say it's their Regular Goal.

Without them what would we do
we don't know,
For the VDOT will be where others
would not go.

Now we have the Regular Goals of
VDOT's best stand,
So be nice to them when you think
to expand the land.
 Copyright (c) 2002 By Florence Rosie Givens

"The Slugline Touch" 

We all want to get to and from work 
For the work scenes are here to stay. 
So we stand in line for a ride we'd find, 
Up comes a car, call out a destination, 
it's mine. 
So what we all want to do is drive in the 
For they have a three people occupancy 
code you see. 
They're lanes that's mostly called express, 
But to the right in the backed up traffic they 
call it a mess. 
We all get to work and that's mostly on time, 
And in the evening after work, we repeat 
the same rhyme. 
Copyright(c) 2001 By Florence Rosie Givens 

"Traffic Report" 
Happily at home I hear, 
Unfortunately in traffic 
so dear. 
I get to where I want to go 
however late it may be, 
And the reporters talk on 
for they're at work you see. 
Copyright(c) 2001 By Florence Rosie Givens 


 Resting is now over for you 
are on your way, 
Riding with others everyday. 
Let it be known as you travel 
That there's hope for other 
 people like you. 
 Copyright(c) 2001 By Florence Rosie Givens 

 "Work And Home" 
 Who can tell, since we spend a lot of 
time in either place, 
 Going through life, cheerfully running 
 this race. 
Thinking of family, and then life and 
Being at work, the choice goes on, it 
never ends. 

So now, it's home free once again, on 
any given day, 
And with dear support of all, we're on 
our way. 

Good times with family, and now the 
weekend is here, 
Time is an essence, finally it's Monday, 
as we again go there. 
Work again...Home again...it's our fare. 
 Copyright (c) 2001 By Florence Rosie Givens


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