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Revised: April 17, 2003
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PBM-03-12               April 15, 2003                      August 31, 2004


SUBJECT: Closure of North Parking Kiss and Drop

     The purpose of this building circular is to inform Pentagon building occupants about the impacts that the Route 110 Secure Bypass construction project will have on the “Kiss and Drop” and Boundary Channel Drive beginning April 16, 2003.


     The “Kiss and Drop” operation will be temporarily moved to the South Parking lot “Kiss and Drop” location until the summer of 2004.  The South Parking “Kiss and Drop” is located within the curb cut area of the South Parking lot roadway, between lanes 8 and 12, adjacent to the area between the Corridor 2 and 3 pedestrian bridges (see attachment 1). Boundary Channel Drive will also narrow from four lanes to two lanes between lane 41 and the Pentagon River Terrace vehicle entrance (see attachment 2).


     The Pentagon Secure Bypass Project includes the rerouting of Route 110 and the connection of the North and South Parking lots.  The project will be constructed in three phases and will be completed in Summer 2004.  For further project information, please visit the Pentagon Renovation Program web site at http://renovation.pentagon.mil.


     The Parking Management Office will continue to notify DoD occupants of parking changes throughout the project.  Questions about parking should be directed to the Pentagon Parking Management Office at (703) 697-6251 or by visiting Room 2E165 off of the Pentagon Concourse.



                        William J. Battle
Acting Building Manager



                               ALL BUILDING ENTRANCES



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