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Archived Updates


Previous Updates

Springfield Parking Garage Update! As of January 29th, the Springfield Parking Garage project schedule has to be postponed.  Due to some additional time required to modify our construction documents to adhere to federal bidding and construction regulations, the construction date had to be postpone from March/April time frame to August/September/October this year.

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation stated: "We will notify the community the exact construction date in at least two months ahead of lot closure as we had promised them at the Public Information Meeting before Thanksgiving last year.  The relocation plan will remain the same, i.e., relocating two slugging lines to Springfield United Methodist Church and the Town Center Garage separately." [Go to forum]

395 Express Lanes: Drivers! Remember to switch your Flex back to HOV OFF after dropping off Slugs at the Pentagon. A special accommodation was made for drivers who carpool up to Eads Street and exit the Lanes to drop off sluggers. They will be able to get back on the Lanes for free but you need to switch your Flex to HOV OFF after drop off. [Go to forum]

395 Express Lanes Open Now: The 395 Express Lanes will open on Sunday, November 17, 2019 around 5:00pm. The new 395 Express Lanes will convert the current two reversible HOV-3+ lanes to three Express Lanes between Edsall Road and DC Line with the exception of the Seminary Road South Ramp. Read this Express Lanes Slugger Handout. See the forum for more detailed information! [Go to forum]

395 Express Lanes Opening



395 Express Lanes: Slugs, and drivers, are free to DC: The 395 Express Lanes will open this November and the project team has announced a perk to keep slugging strong on I-395.  When the 395 Express Lanes open, drivers who carpool up to Eads Street and exit the Lanes to drop off sluggers will be able to get back on the Lanes for free – but other drivers who first get on the Lanes here will pay a toll. (Of course, if you carpool the entire trip into DC, it’s free as well.) That’s right, drivers who take sluggers to Eads Street get to go free for the rest of the trip. See the forum for more detailed information! [Go to forum]

Navy Yard adds Rt. 234 as Destination: The Navy Yard slug line continues to grow in popularity and slugs/drivers have added Rt. 234 in Dumfries as a destination. [Go to Navy Yard]

Slug lines to relocate in Springfield for commuter garage construction: With construction set to begin on a commuter garage in just a few months, Fairfax County, Virginia, is signing agreements to temporarily move slug lines around in Springfield for the next few years.
Supervisors approved new agreements last week with Springfield United Methodist Church and Springfield Town Center for additional parking spaces and slug lines commuters will be able to use during several years of construction on what is now Old Keene Mill Park-and-Ride lot.
[Go to forum]

Changes to 14th and New York: 14th and New York spot has relocated 14th and H street. The new location is in the middle between G and H in front of the pulse gym and in front of Jem Optical. For more information and how you can help develop this line: [Go to forum]

Bob's at Springfield Updates: There is a survey out for input for a suitable spot to relocate Bob's. For more information and how you can help develop this line: [Go to forum]

Delays in new Springfield Parking Garage: It has been reported that the new Springfield parking garage will not open in November 2019 as expected. Instead, it appears that it will not open until after the first of the year. Stay tuned for updates.

Cardinal Forest - Are you There? I received a report that the slug line "Cardinal Forest" in Springfield may not be operating. If you currently use this line please make a comment on the message board forum. [Go to forum]

Pentagon Bus Loop Opens: Beginning Thursday, May 23, 2019 the new Bus Loop around South Parking Lot Lanes 27 to 33 (the Pork Chop) will be open for all buses (shuttles buses, Metro Buses, Commuter Buses, etc.), and authorized vehicles traveling in and out of the Pentagon Transit Center (PTC) (See attachment). Normal slug operations will continue. Vehicles will continue to use the current entrance at Eads Street and North Rotary Road to enter and exit the Pork Chop. Pedestrians will use the newly constructed sidewalk and ramps to access the vehicles for pick-up. Slug shelters will be re-installed for pedestrians and signage will be in place. [Click here for Building Circular]Pentagon Bus Loop

Metro Blue and Yellow Lines Close for Reconstruction: Starting Saturday, May 25th, the six BLUE and YELLOW line stations South of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport will be closed for full platform reconstruction and major station improvements.To expedite construction and minimize customer inconvenience, the following stations will remain closed through Sunday, September 8th, 2019.

- Braddock Rd
- King St-Old Town
- Eisenhower Ave
- Huntington
- Van Dorn St
- Franconia-Springfield

The station closures are part of Metro's three-year Platform Improvement Project that will completely reconstruct the outdoor platforms at 20 Metrorail stations, making platforms safer and more accessible for customers with disabilities, while also addressing safety concerns and longstanding structural issues. For more details regarding this closure please go to

New Springfield Survey! An effort has been underway regarding the slug lines at Springfield. Please take the 4 question survey below.
[Springfield Survey]

Navy Yard from Rt. 234: Many slugs near Rt. 234 drive past this commuter lot and head to Horner Road. Why? Their final destination is the Washington Navy Yard but in order to get there, they must slug to L'Enfant to catch the shuttle to WNY. With the tremendous growth in the area, we are trying to build the Navy Yard as a new destination. [Go to forum]

Bob's Parking lot to Close Nov 2019: Due to the building of the new Springfield parking garage this lot is scheduled to close for approximately 2 years. Slugs will lose about 278 spaces and slug pickup stations during construction. Fairfax County is working with the commuters to find alternative space for parking and pickup locations. [Go to forum]

TMP Newsletter March 2019: 395 Express Lanes/South Parking Construction Updates - With the warmer and improving Spring weather, construction work is progressing steadily at the “Pork Chop” to support the bus loop construction and along the Eads Street interchange. Please continue to pay close attention to signage to ensure safety around construction activities. Construction in the Pork Chop area is anticipated to finish by end of May, subject to weather conditions and unplanned events. More information about the final traffic pattern will be provided in the next two months. Follow us on Facebook at WHSTransportation and on Twitter @WHS_Transport: #395ExpressInfo for details. [Go to forum] or [Click here for newsletter]

TMP Newsletter February 2019: Since January 22, 2019, the Eads Street traffic pattern has returned to one lane on both sides of Eads Street, inbound and outbound, while construction work continues along the median. The temporary relocation of Route 610 Stafford and Mine Road slug stations will remain at the Kiss and Ride area on N. Rotary Rd during the Eads Street construction. [Go to forum] or [Click here for newsletter]

Urgent Survey Input Needed! An effort has been underway with DDOT regarding slug lines on 14th Street. However, we need data (input) from slugs/drivers to make our case. Please take the 4 question survey below. In addition, please take a second survey for Springfield.
[14th Street Survey] and [Springfield Survey]

Tickets Issued to Crystal City Drivers: It was reported that police are issuing tickets to drivers at the 23rd street slug line in Crystal City due to new signs that were erected that states: "NO PARKING, STANDING OR STOPPING". I have contacted Arlington County Commuter Services for their assistance in getting this resolved. [Click here for info on the forum]

TMP Newsletter January 2019: The temporary slug relocation of the 610 Stafford and Mine Road stations will continue to be on North Rotary Road through the duration of the construction at Eads Street. [Click here for info on the forum] or [Click here for newsletter]

395 Express Lanes/Eads Street construction updates: Beginning next Tuesday, January 22 (subject to weather condition), the traffic pattern at Eads Street will change.  Both sides of Eads Street will reopen, but the same traffic restrictions in the AM and PM peak are still in effect.  The temporary slug relocation of the 610 Stafford and Mine Road stations will continue to be on North Rotary Road through the duration of the construction at Eads Street.[Click here for info on the forum]

DDOT Changes Curbside Regulations for Slugging!!: A fellow slug (Nicole) and a few other slugs met with DDOT a number of months ago urging them change the existing regulation that prevented drivers from stopping to pick up slugs. They also stated a petition too. Well, the good news is that slugs do have a voice when we stick together because DDOT has decided to change their regulations. Below a part of DDOT stated: "DDOT is working to change the curbside regulations for the 1400 block of New York Ave. The new regulations will enable tour bus parking during non-rush hours and passenger pick-up/drop-off during the hours of 3:00-6:30pm. We found that Slugline operations are consistent with the curbside regulations for passenger loading and have determined that the operations can be accommodated at this location as well. We have a goal to complete these curb adjustments by end of January 2019." [Click here for info on the forum]

TMP Newsletter November 2018: Construction work continues at the “Pork Chop” and along Eads Street between the Pentagon Reservation and Army Navy Drive as part of the 395 Express Lanes / South Parking Improvements Project. On Monday, October 15, the traffic pattern at Eads Street has changed with traffic switching to the West side of Eads Street. (southbound travel lanes), with access to the I-395 HOV Ramps preserved. The temporary relocation of Route 610 Stafford and Mine Road slug stations will remain at the Kiss and Ride area on N. Rotary Rd during the Eads Street construction.[Click here for info on the forum] or [Click here for the newsletter] More detailed information is available at

TMP Newsletter October 2018: Construction work continues at the “Pork Chop” and along Eads Street between the Pentagon Reservation and Army Navy Drive as part of the 395 Express Lanes / South Parking Improvements Project. On Monday, October 15, the traffic pattern at Eads Street has changed with traffic switching to the West side of Eads Street. (southbound travel lanes), with access to the I-395 HOV Ramps preserved. The temporary relocation of Route 610 Stafford and Mine Road slug stations will remain at the Kiss and Ride area on N. Rotary Rd during the Eads Street construction.[Click here for info on the forum]

Pentagon Update - September 2018: The latest information from 395 Express Lanes on impacts to the Pentagon.[Click here for info on the forum]

Washington Post Article - D.C. shrugs at slugging’s benefits: Ian Jacobs is a D.C. area commuter who wrote a great article in the Opinion section of the Washington Post (October 19, 2018). This is a "Must Read" article because it gets directly to the point of why not HELP a system that reduces congestion rather than make matter worse. [Click for Washington Post]

Saratoga Slug Line: A group of motivated slugs are trying to revive the Saratoga slug line in Springfield. It is located near the Saratoga Shopping Center off Barta Road. The group has started a Facebook page to help organize support. [Click here for Facebook page]

Sign Petition to Increased DDOT Cooperation with Slugging Community: As many of you know, there have been problems with many of the DC slug lines. To help a number of slugs have coordinated meetings with DDOT to help resolve these issues. Unfortunately, this group has had difficulty getting timely responses and resolutions from DDOT. To help, a petition has been started to let DDOT know we need their help. Please consider signing the petition to help this cause: [Click here for Petition] or use this URL:

I-66 Tolls and Slugging: hit $46.75 for solo drivers: Although it has been a few months since the Washington Post reported the all time high of $46.75 for a solo driver on I-66, the tolls are still a good reason to start more slug lines along I-66.[Click here for info on the forum].

TMP Newsletter July 2018: Traffic Changes at Eads St; Temporary Relocation of Slug Stations Construction work continues at the “Pork Chop” and along Eads Street between the Pentagon Reservation and Army Navy Drive as part o f the 395 Express Lanes / South Parking Improvements Project. Construction began along the west side of Eads Street (existing southbound travel lanes) on July 16, 2018 to demolish concrete, widen pavement, install drainage, sidewalks, overhead structures, and curb and gutter in preparation for the 4th lane addition on South Rotary Road to access the future 395 Express/Toll Lanes. Duration of construction work on the west side of Eads Street will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, or until early/mid-September 2018, subject to weather conditions.[Click here for info on the forum].

Transportation Advisory! 395 Express Lanes Project - Eads Street Construction Project Updates and Major Traffic Pattern Change Alert. Construction work along Eads Street between the Pentagon Reservation and Army Navy Drive has begun since June 21 to prepare for traffic signal installation and roadway improvement. The Eads Street construction work will be completed in several phases this summer and continue through the fall.[Click here for info on the forum].

DDOT Reviewing 14th & NY and L'Enfant Proposals! As of July 9th, 2018 DDOT is reviewing the proposal to relocate both the 14th & NY lines and L'Enfant. And a final decision is expected to be made by Tue, Aug 7. [Click here for info on the forum].

Results of DDOT Meeting with Slugs! The meeting with DDOT took place on June 19th five members of the slugging community and five DDOT officials. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss ongoing issues and concerns regarding 14th Street and L'Enfant. Many thanks to the five slugs who took the time away from work to voice our concerns! Visit the forum for highlights of the meeting [Click here for info on the forum].

DDOT Meeting with Slugs! DDOT has agreed to meet with slugs to discuss the challenges faced by VA slug riders and drivers. Seating is limited. However, we are hoping to gather a list of concerns to present to DDOT. [Click here for info on the forum].

Tuesday, June 19 at 3:30-4:30 pm 55 M Street SE, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20003

Police Issuing Tickets to Slugs/Drivers??: As recent as May 21st, it has been reported to me that police are threatening to issue tickets to drivers who stop for slugs at 14th and Pennsylvania. Earlier this month other reports were received for 14th and New York. Perhaps The District Department of Transportation can help!

  • Email:
  • 55 M Street, SE, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20003
    Phone: (202) 673-6813 or (202) 442-4670
    Fax: (202) 671-0650
    TTY: (202) 673-6813

There is also a link to "Ask the Director" of DDOT. The email is not provided but here is the webpage link:

Or, the Metropolitan Police Department may be able to help:

  • 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room 5059, Washington , DC 20001
    Phone: (202) 727-9099
    Fax: (202) 727-4106
    TTY: 711
  • Web:

There is also a link to "Ask the Police Chief". The email is not provided but here is the webpage link:

Ridematching from Rossyln: If you are travelling from Rossyln to Stafford or Fredericksburg, did you know about "ridematching"? Get more information on the Rosslyn page. [Click here]

14th and New York: Slugs and Drivers - are DDOT officials preventing you from slugging? There have been reports that police are not allowing drivers to pick up slugs. If this has happened to you, please let me know!

14th and New York: There is a "revival" of sorts for those travelling from 14th and NY to Bob's in Springfield. For many years, this location was one of the most active lines on 14th street but when DDOT move the line to the side street, it almost died. Reports are that it is on a rebound and growing. For those travelling to Bob's, please hold up a sign to let drivers know.


Facebook Group for Springfield: There is a very active Facebook Group that focuses on Springfield slugging issues.

Springfield Facebook Group

Announcement: The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) and Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) will host a community information meeting for sluggers and other commuters to discuss the Springfield Community Business Center (CBC) Commuter Parking Garage project on Monday, April 9, 2018, at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at Edison High School in Cafeteria A, located at 5801 Franconia Road in Alexandria. At the meeting, county staff will present the revised ground floor plan and answer questions about the project. This event is rescheduled from March 22, which was cancelled due to weather.

Slugging News Article: There is an interesting article that was published by the Washington Post last night that sumarizes the concerns about the new parking garage in Springfield. Will it help or hurt slugging??? What do you think? Get involved!

"Northern Virginia’s oldest ‘slug’ line imperiled by transit center project", By

Announcement!: Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) and Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES) will hold a public meeting regarding the Springfield Community Business Center Commuter Parking Garage on Thursday, March 22, 2018, at 7 p.m., at Edison High School, Cafeteria A, 5801 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA. The ground floor layout has been revised based on the feedback we received during our previous public meeting with the Springfield slugging community. Please see the link below for additional information.

Attention!!: This website is NOT associated with the Facebook page "sluglines" in any way whatsoever! This person just created a facebook page that has a similar name to this website (slug-lines vs. sluglines), but I am NOT associated to him in any way! Please pass the word!!

Pentagon Changes Coming: Plans to begin work on the Pentagon Reservation’s South Parking Lot “Pork Chop” area, an element of the 395 Express Lanes Project, remains on track to begin in February. The changes, which include a new traffic pattern, will improve the traffic flow and overall safety. Click Here for the latest newsletter: Pentagon_TMPO_Newsletter_Jan2018



Slugging Survey Success! A very sincere thank you to the 966 slugs/drivers who completed the slugging survey! And, another thanks to the 336 slugs/drivers who expressed a willingness to participate in the upcoming slugging focus groups.  Your responses are very much appreciated!

More information will we posted here very soon on "Focus Groups". 

Attention!! Slugging Survey: The U.S. Department of Transportation is interested in expanding slugging! This is a great opportunity for the slugging community, so I would ask that you take a few minutes and complete the survey below. Please encourage other slugs, former slugs, and non-slugs to do the same. Together, united, we have a powerful voice!

The U.S. Department of Transportation is interested in expanding casual carpooling (or “slugging”) in the Washington, DC Metro area as well as using local lessons to improve casual carpooling initiatives elsewhere in the country.

As part of this effort, AEM Corporation is conducting an online survey that will inquire about your typical commute patterns, your experiences with slugging, and your ideas on improving slugging. The survey should take approximately 5-15 minutes, depending on your responses to certain questions. Your responses will provide valuable input into the research being conducted.

We hope that you will take the time to provide your feedback on this important study to improve congestion in the area.

If you have questions about the study or the survey, please contact Vicki Vuong at (703) 464-7030 x8207.

Thank you in advance for your time!


Click to Take Survey

Attention Slugs!! New Springfield Parking Garage: There are plans to construct a new commuter garage at the current Old Keene Mill Park-and-Ride site (7039 Old Keene Mill Rd) next to Sunoco and Fairfax County DOT wants slug input!! A meeting will be held at 7 pm on November 8, 2017 at the Key Middle School in the cafeteria, so Slugs, let your voice be heard!! This is great news for DOT to ask for our input prior to construction. [Click here for more info]

Ballston Common Group: The slugs at Ballston Common Mall area are successfully using their Yahoo Group to coordinate rides. [Click here for more info]

New Message Board: We've upgraded our message board! With the growth and popularity of the board, the time has come to upgrade the message board software to a more powerful SQL platform. The new board will have the same basic features but with enhanced security, slugging specific profile, and an SQL backend for better performance.

The most significant impact will be a requirement to create a new password. Your username will not change and all your previous post will remain, but you will have to create a new password. In addition, we ask that you update your new profile with your typical slugging origin and destination.

In addition, the Lost and Found feature will be hosted directly on the message board instead of within a separate database. [Click here to visit the new Forum]

Newsletter #28: The focus of this newsletter is with the upgrade of the forum. As the number of slugs/drivers has grown, we have to upgrade our user forum. [Click here]

Bob's and Cardinal Plaza: Updates made to these pages.

Navy Yard: Updates made to the Navy Yard slug page. [Click here]

PRTC Gets New Buses: Ocassionally slugs need to take the bus, so it is good news to hear that PRTC has received five new commuter buses and they’ll soon be on the road serving our community! Please see the attached message from Interim Executive Director Eric Marx for details. [Click here

Lorton VRE Expands Parking: On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016, Fairfax County elected officials along with Fairfax County Department of Transportation and Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services will host a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Lorton VRE Station Park and Ride expansion project. The key features of the project include 150 additional parking spaces bringing the total number of spaces to 717; new pedestrian connections to the existing park and ride lot; and lighting improvements.

Herndon Expands Parking: On Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, Fairfax County elected officials along with Fairfax County Department of Transportation and Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services will host a groundbreaking ceremony to kick-off the construction of the new Herndon Station Parking Garage. The 2,007-space parking facility is designed to assist in reducing congestion on Northern Virginia roadways by creating additional opportunities for ridesharing and the use of public transit. The key features of the project include a pedestrian bridge to the Metrorail Silver Line station currently under construction; vehicular and pedestrian connections to the existing 1,745-space Herndon-Monroe parking garage; and secure bicycle storage facilities. The $44.5 million project is estimated to be completed in the spring of 2019.

Herndon-Monroe: Effective Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride surface lot will be closed for construction - all cars need to vacate the lot by Oct. 31. The Kiss and Ride area along with the slug line pick-up will be temporarily relocated to Level 1 of the parking garage. [Click Here for Map]

Possible Line to Tyson's Corner? There has been interest for a slug line to/from Tyson's Corner for a very long time. Now with the HOT lanes, some slugs are trying to start one from the Rt. 123 - I95 Lot. [Click Here for More Info]

Stafford County Signage for Slugs - Stafford County is conducting a survey to determine if Slug Lines should be organized by destination signs in the 610 commuter lots.  Please click on the link to take the survey and let them know what you think:

New Ballston Mall Slug Line? There is a renewed interest in re-establishing the slug line at Ballston. Many years ago there was a slug line that somehow faded away. However, maybe it is time to bring it back!! Please vote on the poll to the right and/or comment on the message board thread. [Click Here for More Info] and [Click Here for Message Board Thread].

Forbes Article on Slugging: Check out this article in Forbes travel section titled "A Practically Free Alternative to Uber and Lyft You are Missing Out On" by Andrew Bender on March 10th, 2016.[Click Here for Forbes Article]. Note - for some reason you may need to click the link twice to get to the article.

TPRTC Service Cuts and Fare Increases: PRTC has a budget deficit and is proposing service cuts and a fare increase starting in July 2016. Here’s a story that NBC4 did yesterday, focusing on how slugging could be impacted by PRTC’s proposals.[Click Here for NBC4 Story].


PRTC is hosting 4 public hearings in February on the proposed budget, service cuts and fare increase. [Click Here for PRTC Hearing Page].

PRTC Announces New Mark Center Bus Routes to Start February 1, 2016: Mark Center employees who live in the I-95 corridor will have a new commuting alternative thanks to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), when two new OmniRide commuter bus routes to the Alexandria facility start operating on Monday, February 1, 2016.

The Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) will operate the new routes, which will start in Dale City and Lake Ridge. Both Mark Center routes will offer four trips during the morning and afternoon rush hours, enabling a relaxing, convenient and environmentally-friendly ride in the I-95 Express Lanes and using the new I-395 HOV ramp at Seminary Road. [Click Here for More Info].

Washingtonian Article on Slugging: The January 2016 Washingtonian issue has a feature article on Slugging. It is now online and can be viewed by [Click Here for More Info].

Washingtonian Story

14th and Independence: DDOT has asked that we relocate the slug line at 14th and Independence to help relieve congestion near the intersection.[Click Here for More Info] or [Click Here for Message Board Thread]

14th Map

Express Lanes Extensions Coming to I-395 and I-95: Governor McAuliffe and Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne recently announced two projects in partnership with Transurban that extend I-395 and I-95. [Click Here]

Herndon-Monroe Line: Please note that due to construction of the future Herndon Metro station, the slug line at the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride has been relocated as of 4 November 2015. [Click Here]

Bob's: Bob's is expanding its destinations. Some drivers are now picking up slugs for the Navy Yard!

Thieves Hit Horner Road...Again! Many thanks to Julie Carey of NBC4 for covering this story. Here is the link to the story and video coverage of the latest incident which happened this past Friday, October 16th, 2015: Tire Thieves Hit Va. Commuter Lot Again

Tire Thieves Hit Va. Commuter Lot Again

Saratoga Slug Line? There has been interest in forming a slug line to the Pentagon from the Saratoga Park and Ride Lot. [Click Here]

Horner Road Incident! Theives hit the Horner Road Commuter lot again. Read this news story: [Click Here]

Herndon Slug Line Active! Resent reports are that the Herndon slug line is now active! For more information: [Click Here]

Thank You Phen! I wanted to extend a sincere "Thank You" to Phen for the donation to the website. Unlike other forms of commuting that the government promotes, does not have a multi-million dollar donations are welcome to offset costs!

Slugs and drivers have the right to pass or forfeit a ride. Let’s say a couple of rough-looking characters pull up and your gut feeling tells you this ride isn’t safe. PASS. There are plenty of other rides that will pass your own personal "gut" check. This applies to both slugs and drivers. You are not obligated to get in a car or pickup riders if you do not feel safe!

Route 610 Needs New Line. With the expansion of the Rt. 610 commuter lot in Stafford, many slugs are suggesting the need for a downtown DC line. To join the discussion: [Click Here]

Telegraph Road Traffic Pattern Changes. To better organize the ever growing lines at the Telegraph Road Commuter Lot in Woodbridge, a fellow slugger has proposed multiple lines instead of the one massive line. For more information: [Click Here]
Telegraph Road Traffic Pattern

VDOT Proposal for Signs for Slugging? The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is proposing new destination signs and an additional pickup area for HOV carpooling in the Staffordboro Boulevard Park & Ride lot (aka Route 610) to better serve commuters. VDOT is proposing:
• Destination signs for the Pentagon, Crystal City, and Rosslyn lines
• New, separate HOV carpooling pickup area for Rosslyn sluggers
• Crosswalks spanning the lot’s central access road

For more information from VDOT: [Click Here]
To see the map: [Click Here]

Did You Know Slugs Can use the "Guaranteed Ride Home" Program? Get more information [Click Here]

New Navy Yard Slug Lines - Starting Monday, 02 March, two Slug-lanes will be established on the Washington Navy Yard for afternoon commuters. This pilot is approved by NSA-Washington and will be facilitated by NAVSEA.

DESTINATIONS: The two locations, selected based on a zip code analysis, are:
1) Horner Road - Woodbridge
2) Rte 610 - Stafford. 

The slug line locations will be on Patterson Ave, the one-way (northbound) street on the East side of the Bldg 28 parking garage. Signs will be posted on the left-side sidewalk.  The Horner road pick up point will be on the Northeast corner of Bldg 176, and the Rte. 610 pick-up point will be at the Northeast corner of Bldg 201.  Lines should form to the West between the buildings, and not along the roadside sidewalk. Go to Webpage [Click Here].

New DC Line at Route 610! With the increase in slugging generated from the I95 Express Lanes, fellow slugs have suggested starting a separate line for the DC commuters. The proposed new line would be adjacent to the the new bus shelter at the North end of the 610 lot. More to follow!

I66 Slug Line? A new slug line could be emerging on I-66! A fellow slug reported that he has been successful in picking up slugs from the Cushing Road Commuter Lot just off 234 in Manassas. He has even started a website to help get things started at More to follow!

Message Board Corrupted!! I am not sure what happened but thousands of postings were deleted from the message board. I do not know how this happened but I had to upload my last backup of the forum database which was almost a month old. As a result, any posting from approximately January 6th to February 2nd was lost. I believe I was able to recover all new member accounts. However, if you have any trouble logging into the message board, just let me know. Again, sorry for the trouble.

Book based on Slugging! A local author has written an exciting book based on slug lines. If you want to read an exciting novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pick up a copy of Slug Line! I just finished it and wow, what a ride! For more information on the book [Click Here].

Slug Line Book Don Horan

New Line from L'Enfant to 234 Lot - A new slug line is forming at L'Enfant to the 234 Lot. The line will start on January 20th and will be located on D Street SW (between 7th and 9th Streets in front of the GSA building). Message board thread [Click Here].

HOT Lanes - Tolling takes effect on Dec. 29, all drivers in the express lanes will need to have a regular E-ZPass Flex or the E-ZPass Flex transponder, which can be switched in and out of the carpool setting. Standard HOV rules will continue to be in effect during rush hour until tolling begins on December 29, with the exception of holidays. Outside HOV hours, anyone can try the new Lanes for free. Message board thread [Click Here].

New 19th and 19th and I Street Slug Line! - A fellow slug has taken the intiaative to start a new slug line at 19th and I Street. This new slug line is to Old Hechinger from 19th Street in the evening. Click here for the flyer [Click Here]. Message board thread [Click Here].

Public Hearing and Vote Tonight! - Have you noticed all of the new apartments on Route 1? Tired of the traffic? Do you have kids in crowded classrooms? Are you concerned about slow police and fire response times with 911 calls? Are you concerned about higher taxes to pay for these and other government services?

If so, please speak at the BOCS meeting on Tuesday night. We need you to say "no more apartments on Route 1. "We don't want 720 more Rivergate apartments." Can you help?

If Rivergate is approved, we will be at 10,000 recently opened, already approved, and planned in Woodbridge on the Route 1 corridor. We will have a glut of apartments if we don't stop this now.

While an email to the Board of Supervisors opposing Rivergate is great, we need you and your neighbors to come and speak in opposition. The public hearing and vote will occur this week at:

Tuesday, October 14
McCoart Government Center
Prince William Parkway
Sign Up To Speak In Chambers

Survey of Slugs Underway - The Virginia Department of Transportation will be conducting counts of commuters who slug in the I-95 corridor, beginning this week and lasting through the end of October. The survey will update a 2006 study on slugging activity. Commuters can expect to see a survey team at the some of the Prince William County commuter lots this month.

Route 610 Commuter Parking Expansion Update - VDOT issued a press release announcing that they have postponed the traffic shift/slug line relocation at Staffordboro Boulevard Park & Ride for another week. The existing lot will remain open through 11 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 12. The new lot will open for the morning rush hour on Monday, Sept. 15. Click here for VDOT Press Release [Click Here] .

Route 610 Commuter Parking Expansion Update- The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will shift traffic into the newly construction portion of the Route 610/Staffordboro Boulevard Park & Ride lot starting Monday, September 8, and will close the existing lot at 11 p.m. on Friday, September 5. The existing lot will be re-paved and re-striped, and will re-open again in October. It is the final stage of construction to improve the lot and add 1,000 new parking spaces. As part of this transition on September 8, the new designated area for HOV carpooling (slugging!) will be opening in the new lot. For more information from VDOT [Click Here] or For New Map of Lot [Click Here]

Route 610 Commuter Parking Expansion - Construction work to expand the Staffordboro Boulevard Park & Ride facility by nearly 1,000 new parking spaces is in the final stages. However, Temporary Parking Space Closures Starting Thursday, July 24. [Click Here for Approved Design]For more information from VDOT [Click Here]


I-95/395 SOUTHBOUND HOV LANES TO OPEN EARLIER ON WEEKDAYS BEGINNING MONDAY, JULY 7 - Beginning on or about Monday, July 7, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will open the southbound High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on I-95/395 no later than 12:00 p.m., rather than 1:00 p.m. The HOV lanes will close to northbound traffic at 10 a.m., instead of 11 a.m., Mondays through Fridays, and open to southbound traffic an hour earlier.  The one-hour earlier opening of southbound HOV lanes will be in effect until the end of the summer to help ease congestion on I-95 South. For more information from VDOT [Click Here]

Coming Soon! New Slug Line to Ballston. Beginning August 1st, 2014 a new slug line is planned from Route 234 (Dumfries Road) to Ballston in Arlington. My sincere thanks to Kelly for all the hard work coordinating this new slug line. [Click Here for Flyer] or [Click Here for webpage]

Updated Maps for Horner and the New Telegraph Road Lot: The new Telegraph Road lot next to Horner has a functioning slug line to multiple destinations. Currently it servers as a "late" lot for just about all the destinations serviced by Horner Road. Thanks to Elizabeth for the help.

Updated Maps Tackett's Mill: Hopefully of the next few weeks all the hand drawn maps for the slugging locations will be replaced with "real" maps as well as satellite images. This will be a vast improvement over the current maps on the site.

Interesting on Google: While update the Tackett's Mill slug line, I notice that Google now labels the commuter lot as "Tacketts Slug Commuter Parking"!!! That shows how often users are searching for commuter lots to slug from!

New Braddock Road / Mark Center Slug Lines: Thanks to Darrell for all the hard work in trying to formalize some newly forming slug lines. Here are the newly created pages on the website.

Also, a distribution list has been used to help coordinate rides from the Mark Center. For more information on how this works visit the Message Board or [Click Here].

Keeping the Website Updated. Thanks to all those who provide input to help keep this site up-to-date. It can be a challenge and would not be possible without the input from fellow slugs/drivers. My sincere thanks to those who take the time to provide updates and changes to the slug lines. [Click Here]

Attention Horner Road Slugs! I am relaying this message from the Prince William County Police Department. They are trying to get the word out on a traffic issue at Horner Road Commuter lot. Here is the announcement:

The Prince William County Police Department is seeking the public’s cooperation in correcting a safety situation at the Prince William Parkway / Telegraph Road ( Horner Road ) Commuter Lot. At the bus stops, passenger cars are co-mingling with the buses in the designated BUS ONLY lane during the morning rush. This is unsafe and forces the buses to stop in the travel lane, which further delays through traffic.

The parking of vehicles on the back side of the bus stop islands may be contributing to this – the back side is traditionally where the informal slug lines made pick-ups. The parking of vehicles in this area is not inside of a designated space and will no longer be permitted. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.

Please help pass the word to other drivers and slugs.

Dale City Commuter Lot Slug Line Growing! - The DCCL is growing for both Pentagon and Rosslyn destinations. Slugs have reported that lines begin to form for both destinations at around 6 am. Please pass along this information to other slugs. For more details, [Click Here]

Annex Commuter Lot at Tackett's Mill to Closes on 1 Dec 2012 - Announcements were distributed regarding the closure of the annexed commuter parking lot suporting Tackett's Mill effective 1 Dec 2012. This is not the main commuter lot on Minnieville but the "overflow" lot that was temporarily leased to help expand capacity. This is the lot next to the new Sentara clinic. For more discusion, see the message board [Click Here]

Changes at Potomac Mills - Announcements were distributed regarding the commuter parking location change in Potomac Mills. This will mean some major changes to were slugs will need to park and get picked up. [Click Here for Flyer] For more details, see the message board [Click Here]

New Telegraph Road Slug Lines?- There has been lots of discussion on creating slugs lines at the new Telegraph Road commuter lot next to Horner Road. What do you think? For more details, see the message board [Click Here]

Slugging in New York City!- After a recent toll hike on the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan, many drivers are looking to take advantage of the discount given to carpoolers. But New York's Port Authority isn't happy with the way they're doing that. How? By Slugging!! [Click Here]

New L'Enfant Email Slug Ring - Similiar to the email list that has been used at the Navy Yard, a new list has been created for L'Enfant. Thanks to Brad for managing this list. [Click Here]

Thanks to everyone! - We were able to get enough volunteers yesterday to conduct the focus group! Thanks to everyone who responsed so quickly. We had a great session and received a lot of valuable feedback. I look forward to tonights groups!

Volunteers Needed for today's (Tuesday) Ft. Belvoir Slug Survey!! - On behalf of the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, NuStats Research and Consulting will be conducting focus group sessions about Slugging (May 22nd, 2012). You are invited to participate! You can expect the discussion to be lively and interesting. Additionally, those who participate, will receive a free lunch their time.

For details on how to participate, see the message board [Click Here] Blog - A new column about Slugging is now being featured on the website. [Click Here for link]

14th and Constitution Changes - MAJOR CHANGE - Due to the construction some slugs are suggesting moving the line to the SW corner of 14th and Madison. [Click Here for Map]

HOT Lanes Moving Forward in VA - Gov. McDonnell announced Tuesday, December 6th that the state has reached a tentative agreement for HOT lanes along I-95. Of course as a slug, the HOT lanes could have a negative impact. [Click Here for Full Article]

National Public Radio (NPR) Story - It seems slugging is always in the news. NPR intern Mr. Quinn Ford did a nice piece on slugging on November 11th. [Click Here for NPR link]

VA Tech YouTube on Slugging- VA Tech grad student, Mr. Michael Boone, did a nice artilce called "Legal Hitchhicking TheLife of a Slug". [Click Here for YouTube link]

New Mark Center Slug Email Listing -If you have moved to the new Mark Center and are frustrated with your commute, check out how some slugs have come together to form an email slug distribution list. See the Flyer [View Flyer] or visit the message board [Click Here]

New Rt. 208 Fredericksburg Slug Line! - A new slug line has emerged at Route 208 in Fredericksburg. Slug line information is located on the new Rt 208 webpage.

WMAU 88.5 Kojo Show - Slugging the focus of the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WMAU 88.5 FM on August 4th, 2011. This was a great hour long live radio segment about slugging. The host, Kojo Nnamdi, did a great job covering every aspect of slugging. The show had representatives from Arlington County, VDOT Mega Projects and myself. Click Here to read the transcript or listen to the taped broadcast.

First Baptist Church Commuter Lot Closes - Effective July 8th, the First Baptist Commuter Lot on Minnieville Road will close according to a press release from the Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission. Also, PRTC will discontinue its late evening shuttle bus service between the Horner Road Commuter Lot and the First Baptist Church. Click Here to read the press release

The good news is that Prince William County has a new lease for 222 parking spaces next to the existing Lake Ridge Commuter lot on Minnieville Road. This new commuter lot will we able to use the existing bus service already provided to the Lake Ridge Commuter lot. The new temporary lot will open on Monday, July 11th. [Message Board Thread].

Fairfax County Announces Changes to Bob's - July 18th - Fairfax County has announced changes to the commuter lot on Old Keene Mill Road where the Bob's slug line is located. Fairfax County solicited input from slugs on the changes back in March 2011 (see message board comments). The decision from Fairfax County was a revised traffic flow that is best described by the traffic map. Please see the website or the Fairfax County webpage for details.

Update to Rt. 234 Dumfries - Crystal City destination added to the Rt. 234 Dumfries slug line!

Teen Summer Pass Program 2011 PRTC OmniRide has a great program for teens. With the OmniLink Teen Summer Pass, those ages 13-19 get unlimited rides this summer on all OmniLink and Cross County Connector buses for a one-time cost of $30.  Passes will be valid for rides on June 1, 2011 through September 3, 2011. [Get the details from PRTC Website]

CNN Story on Slugging! -  CNN aired a great story on slugging yesterday (May 31st). The focus of the story was that slugging could save you time and money. Something to consider with rising gas prices. See the video link on the [Message Board Thread].

First Baptist Church Commuter Lot Closes - Effective July 8th, the First Baptist Commuter Lot on Minnieville Road will close according to a press release from the Potomac Rappahannock Transportation Commission. Also, PRTC will discontinue its late evening shuttle bus service between the Horner Road Commuter Lot and the First Baptist Church. Click Here to read the press release

The good news is that Prince William County has a new lease for 222 parking spaces next to the existing Lake Ridge Commuter lot on Minnieville Road. This new commuter lot will we able to use the existing bus service already provided to the Lake Ridge Commuter lot. The new temporary lot will open on Monday, July 11th. [Message Board Thread].

Fairfax County Announces Changes to Bob's - July 18th - Fairfax County has announced changes to the commuter lot on Old Keene Mill Road where the Bob's slug line is located. Fairfax County solicited input from slugs on the changes back in March 2011 (see message board comments). The decision from Fairfax County was a revised traffic flow that is best described by the traffic map. Please see the website or the Fairfax County webpage for details.

Update to Rt. 234 Dumfries - Crystal City destination added to the Rt. 234 Dumfries slug line!

Teen Summer Pass Program 2011 PRTC OmniRide has a great program for teens. With the OmniLink Teen Summer Pass, those ages 13-19 get unlimited rides this summer on all OmniLink and Cross County Connector buses for a one-time cost of $30.  Passes will be valid for rides on June 1, 2011 through September 3, 2011. [Get the details from PRTC Website]

CNN Story on Slugging! -  CNN aired a great story on slugging yesterday (May 31st). The focus of the story was that slugging could save you time and money. Something to consider with rising gas prices. See the video link on the [Message Board Thread].

Comments on FBC and Rt. 123 Needed -  If you have feedback on the new First Baptist Church or Rt. 123 Commuter lot slug lines, please post them to the message board. Are these lines working???

New Slug Lines for FBC and Rt. 123/I95- There are 2 new slug lines starting on Monday, May 2nd at the new First Baptist Church (FBC) commuter lot! Also, Rt. 123/ I95 will have one (1) new line. See the message board for details. [Message Board Thread]. See Flyer

Newsletter #19 -  There latest edition of the newsletter was sent to all subscribers to the newsletter on April 30th. It contains information on the newly proposed slug lines and the OmniRide shuttle bus service. To view Newsletter #19 click here!

Update to First Baptist Church Parking - There has been a lot of progress towards improving slugging at the new FBC Commuter Lot. PRTC/OmniRide will begin a "shuttle bus" service from Horner Road Lot to FBC beginning May 2nd. As a result, slugs will have a way to get to FBC is slug rides are not available. More to follow as this develops.

Virginia State Police Commuter Parking Lot Enforcement - Beginning April 4th, 2011 the Virginia State Police will start notify commuters of the commuter parking lot enforcement campaign. Enforcement begins April 11th. [See Press Release Flyer]

First Baptist Church Commuter Lot - The new First Baptist Church Commuter lot opened for use on March 14th with 370 commuter parking spaces. This is an ideal location for new slug lines. PRTC has added a new bus stop to the commuter lot off the Rosslyn bus route. Please provide input via the [Message Board Thread]

Bob's Slugs - Fairfax County Needs Input - The County is trying to get input from slugs on the best traffic pattern along Old Keene Mill Road. They need your input by 25 Mar 2011. [See Flyer] or visit the message board. [Message Board Thread]

New Traffic Pattern Discussed for Tackett's Mill - they are aware of the traffic congestion created as cars stage to pick up slugs. A new traffic pattern is being discussed that would stage the Pentagon drivers to the area inside the commuter lot and effectively prevent the blocking of traffic. [Message Board Thread]

15th & H St. Changes - Effective 28 Feb 11, the current slugging location on 15th Street (between H St. and New York Ave) will re-locate to New York Ave between 14th and 15th Street. [Click for Flyer]

New Commuter Lot in Prince William County - PWC has signed an agreement with the First Baptist Church of Woodbridge. Effective March 14th commuter may begin parking in the 370 parking spaces. [Click for Map]. Many slugs have indicated that they would like to start slug lines in this location. Please comment on the message board!! [Message Board Thread]

Domino Effect from Potomac Mills - The reduction of parking spaces at Potomac Mills has caused huge problems at virtually all the other commuter lots with slugging. Old Hechinger's and Tackett's Mills lots are full by approximately 8:15 am. As a result, many slugs are suggesting new lines at the 123 lot. A new poll will be created today to gage interest. Please comment on message board.

DDOT Announces Change to 14th Street Slug Line - This announcement was received from DDOT on Feb 15th. Effective 28 Feb 11, the current slugging location on 15th Street (between H St. and New York Ave) will re-locate to New York Ave between 14th and 15th Street. [Click for Flyer]

Splitting of Line at Horner Road - A fellow slug has been working with other 14th Street slugs on splitting (making separate lines) these lines. The target date for the split is Tuesday, 22 Feb 11. Flyers will be available soon however the following map was provided to me. This map has the new pickup locations: [Click for Map]

URGENT! Potomac Mills Slugs Please Read This! On Monday, February 14th, 2011 the commuter parking at Potomac Mills will be reduced from 1000 spaces to 275 spaces. Mall security will not allow you to park outside the designated new commuter parking area. As a result, the following changes are being made at the Potomac Mills slug lines:

 -14th/18th/L'Enfant - remain at Potomac Mills
 -Pentagon - moves to the Dale City Commuter Lot
 -Rosslyn / Crystal City - moves to the Dale City Lot

Click for Flyer

Click here for directions to Dale City Lot

Click here for New Slug Line locations and Traffic Pattern at Dale City Lot

I understand that these changes may not be ideal for everyone and will certainly inconvenience virtually everyone as we try to sort this out. However, it is very important that we pull together to make this work. Otherwise, it is going to take a bad situation and make it even worse. If you are Pentagon, Rosslyn or Crystal City slugs or drivers, please use the new location.

For more information please visit the message board  [Read Message Board thread]

Options for Potomac Mills - By noon today, Feb 11th, I will propose two options for the Potomac Mills Slugs. Basically, one line will stay at Potomac Mills and the other two lines will shift to a new commuter lot. Please visit the message board for details. This is going to be a tough transition with so little time, so we need to come together.

Outcome of Town Hall Meeting - The Potomac Mills commuters were well represented last night at the Town Hall meeting co-hosted by Supervisor Frank Principi and Occoquan District Supervisor Michael C. May. Many thanks to all the Slugs that participated and voice their concerns regarding the loss in commuter parking spaces. The meeting which began at 7:00 pm, lasted until approximately 11:00 pm, as commuters took the microphone to voice opinions and ask questions. I think many were looking for the answer to the question: "Where do I go on Monday, Feb 14th for my morning commute?" Unfortunately, there just aren't any easy answers. Suggestions were made to use the Kmart lot, the Gemini commuter lot or the 123 lot, but every option had issues. 

Near the end of the meeting slugs seemed to just want somebody take a leadership role for the slugging community and make a decision. As the webmaster, I have tried to allow the "system" to regulate itself but this may require intervention. Over the next 24 hours I will try to coordinate a solution but with only one working left before the Monday changes, this is going to be a challenge.

Thanks again to everybody who attended the town hall or has offered solutions on the message board.

Commuter Parking Town Hall Meeting - Supervisor Frank Principi will be co-hosting a town hall with Occoquan District Supervisor Michael C. May, on February 9th, at 7:00 pm, in the Ferlazzo Building in the Auditorium to discuss the impact of Potomac Mills decision to limit the number of parking spaces available to commuters.  We will be joined by County staff, VDOT officials, and PRTC officials to discuss the options available and to receive feedback from area commuters who are affected by the recent decision by Potomac Mills.

Solutions - Potomac Mills Slugs - As the February 14th reduction in parking spaces approaches, we (slugging community) need to develop some solutions. Please vote on the Poll (right side of home page) and comment on the new thread on the message board  [Read Message Board thread]

PRTC Provides Information for Potomac Mills Slugs - The PRTC (OmniRide) is also impacted by the pending reduction in commuter parking spaces at Potomac Mills. They are working with Prince William County on options because backup bus service is critical to slugging. Please see the PRTC has a press release. [Click Here]

New Commuter Parking Map Potomac Mills - Here is a Potomac Mills produced flyer with the new commuter parking location. [Click Here for Flyer]

Horner Road - Should the 14th St. and Navy Yard/L'Enfant line be split into separate lines?? This was attempted last month, but now a  "vote" is underway to gage interest in splitting it or just leaving it the way it is.  [Read Message Board thread] 

Potomac Mills Reduces Slug Parking - An announcement was made on January 13th that the commuter parking at Potomac Mills will be reduced from 1000 spaces to 250 spaces. Changes are to take effect on February 14th, 2011. See the message board for the latest information. [Read Message Board thread]

DDOT Announces Delay in 14th Street Changes - As of January 5th, per a DDOT communication, the planned DDOT location changes in the District (14th Street) will be postponed until further notice. It is anticipated that changes will take place by Spring. Any changes will be publicized by DDOT. More information will be provided as it become available.

DDOT Releases 14th Street Final Report - DThe District (DDOT) released its "final report" on the decisions they have made regarding the slug lines on 14th Street. Please read the final report and comments on the message board. [Read Message Board thread] or [Read Final Report details].

Horner Road Changes - A few fellow slugs have suggested making a few changes to the Navy Yard and L'Enfant lines. Basically, they want to split the lines so cars can stage more effectively. Start Date: 29 Nov 10
Click Here for Flyer details.

Bob's Slug Line Relocation - Fairfax County recently distributed flyers announcing a temporary relocation of the Bob's slug line due to re-paving of the parking lot effective November 8th. Please see the message board or Click Here for Flyer details.

Outcome of DDOT Meeting with Slugs - Slugs were well represented yesterday at the DDOT meeting yesterday with approximately 30-40 in attendance. This was a great example of DDOT, VDOT, PRTC and Slugs working together to find a common solution. The good news is that DDOT has taken the feedback from slugs and is planning to relocate the 15th and H St (old 14th and New York) to the area on New York Ave, between 14th and 15th. This change should make a huge difference and accommodate the needs of both slugs and drivers.   [Read Message Board thread]

DDOT to meet with 14th St. Slugs! -  The DDOT government officials have scheduled a meeting with 14th Slugs on October 26th to discuss solutions for the 14th Street slug line. So many slugs have RSVP'd that the meeting has been moved to a larger conference room. Your voices have been heard!

Outcome of Woodbridge and Alexandria VRE Slug Lines -  I wanted to take a moment and let you know the outcome of our attempt to get slugging started at the Woodbridge and Alexandria VRE stations on the 19th. Unfortunately, it did not appear that we reached "critical mass" to achieve a sustainable slug line at at either location. As you probably know, for slugging to work effectively there has to be an adequate balance of both slugs and drivers. Everything has to come together for success and our first effort just didn't seem to have enough slugs/drivers. The good news is that is that some people reported slugging either to/from each location. It's up to the slugging community now to get this line to work.

Loss of Mr. Miguel Zelaya-Jovel -  My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Mr. Miguel Zelaya-Jovel who died while crossing Rt. 234 on his way to the commuter lot.  Click here to read article on WTOP

Alexandria Slug line Starts October 19th! - The start date for slugging from the Woodbridge VRE to Alexandria is Tuesday, October 19th!. There is a slight change in that the pickup location is not in front of the VRE station (not the Pedestrian Overpass as originally planned).  Please help distribute the flyer [Flyer #1]!

Slugging Newsletter #16 - We have re-starting the quarterly Slugging Newsletter! This issue had information about the changes to 14th and New York slug line, the new Woodbridge to Alexandria line, and much more!

14th and New York Slugs! - Effective Wednesday, October 6th, the current slug location on 14th street between H Street and New York Ave will move to 15th Street between H Street and New York Ave!!  Passengers can be picked up between 3:30pm and 6:00pm at the new location. DDOT personnel will be on site on October 6th to provide assistance. If you have any questions please contact the District Department of Transportation at (202) 671-0682. [Download or view Flyer #1]

Slugging to Alexandria Starts October19th! - We have set a date to start slugging from the Woodbridge VRE Pedestrian Overpass area directly to Alexandria (Eisenhower Metro or Alexandria VRE). For the first time, slugs and drivers could have the option to end their commute someplace other than the downtown DC area. But, we need your help spreading the word! Please print the flyers [Flyer #1] and let others know!

Survey for 14th Street Slugs! -  The District of Columbia Transportation office has posted a survey to determine how best to address the slugging issue along 14th Street. Click Here or use the URL below to take the survey:

14th Street Slugging -  The District of Columbia Transportation office is working with Slug to fix the congestion problems along 14th Street. Basically, they are looking into alternative locations next to 14th that will allow drivers to pull over more easily and not stop traffic along the busy 14th street. They have even created an interactive map to get ideas!! Here is the link to the interactive map from the Washington Post Link.Also, WTOP posted some information:WTOP Link

Springfield United Methodist Church Park and Ride Lot - The Park and Ride Lot will close Aug 30 - Sep 3.  It will reopen on Sep 6th due to maintenance. Alternative lots are: Backlick North, 6831 Backlick Road, Springfield Plaza, 6400 Springfield Plaza and American Legion, 6520 Amherst Ave. For more information visit:

Website Has Signs for Slugs - A longtime slug has created a set of signs designed to help improve both slugs and drivers. The site: has uniquely designed signs that a driver can display to show slugs the cars destination. Now, instead of walking down the line of cars and asking each driver, you can just see where they are going. Take a look.

Slugging to Alexandria! - The slugging community is working on a plan to introduce slugging to the City of Alexandria!!! For the first time, slugs and drivers could have the option to end their commute someplace other than the downtown DC area. But, we need your help!! Please use the Instant Poll on the right margin to vote on what might work best. Also please post comments on the message board. [Click Here to go directly to the Message Board thread].

Dynamic Ridesharing (Slugging) Symposium - The Federal Highway Administration Office of Operations, Arlington County Commuter Services and MWCOG's Commuter Connections, hosted the first ever Washington, D.C. area Dynamic Ridesharing Symposium on July 26th in Rosslyn. This was a ground breaking meeting that brought together slugs, government officials and private industry to share ideas on how to advance Slugging (dynamic ridesharing) in the Washington DC area. The spirit of the meeting was nothing short of total collaboration with discussion on what can be done to improve slugging, overcoming obstacles, expanding slugging in other areas, etc. [Click Here to go directly to the Message Board thread].

New Line - Rosslyn to Rt. 234 Dumfries - A Rosslyn slug is trying to add a new destination of Rt. 234 (Dumfries) to the Rosslyn slug lines. More information to follow, so stay tuned on how we can add this line. [Click Here to go directly to the Message Board thread].

Advisory panel to hold meeting and public comment session on I-95/395 HOT/HOV lane proposals in Woodbridge - An advisory panel consisting of transportation experts and policy-makers will hold its third meeting in Woodbridge to review and evaluate two private-sector proposals to build high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes on the I-95/395 corridor from the Northern Virginia to Fredericksburg regions.  The meeting will begin at 6 p.m., Sept. 21, in the Ferlazzo Auditorium of the Prince William County building, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge, Va.  [Read VDOT Flyer] and [Read Slugging Flyer]

Fairfax County Slug Lines - There will be a series of meeting that could impact slugging. The meetings are: Land Use Committee on 9/12, 7:00 PM; a Planning Commission meeting on 9/15 8:15 PM; and Board of Supervisors meeting on 9/25. [Visit Message Board]

Online Chat being arranged with Flour is attempting to arrange an online chat with the Flour Director of Development to discuss the HOT Lanes issue. A date has NOT been set. The idea is to have slug ask questions via the message board regarding HOT and slugging.

Construction could impact Pentagon Slug Lines
Pentagon Building Manager's Office posted a Building Circular regarding construction near the slug lines beginning 8 August 2005. At this time, it does not appear that slug lines will need to be relocated. [View Circular]

The new 19th & I St. has started!!!
This new slug line to Rt 610 or MINE Rd/Stafford has started, and from reports, it is doing well! For more information on times and where to stand read the message board. A new page will be created soon with all the details. 
[Visit Message Board]

New 19th & I St. line to start August 1, 2005!!!
The line should form on the right side of 19th st, approximately 1/2 way down after the METRO bus stop. To make this a success, we need as many drivers and riders to put the word out. If you are interested in flyers to hand out, please email the organizer at Word of mouth is great also. I will be handing flyers out at the Pentagon and Rosslyn over the next 2 weeks. If you have any suggestions, please post or email above. View or download: Flyer #1  or   Flyer #2

"Tools for School" -  A “Tools for School” program is being conducted this year from June 20 to August 15 that helps benefit students in our community.  Last year close to 700 families received school supplies for their children.  Please take a minute to read the attached flyer and we look forward to seeing you at our office, 13083 Chinn Park Drive, with a donation. Thanks to Corey A. Stewart, Supervisor of Occoquan Magisterial District for letting me know about this worthy cause.

Voice your Comments to VDOT on the HOT lanes! - If you are concerned over the High Occupancy Lanes (HOT), then get involved and voice your concerns to VDOT via their comment page. Go to VDOT Site  Or, send you comments to them directly at:  Also, there will be an Advisory Panel meeting on concerning the review of the I-95/395 HOT Lanes on July 26, 2005, Arlington County Board Meeting Room, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22201. Meeting begins at 7:00 pm.

University of Maryland Seeks Interviews - Two educators from the University of Maryland are seeking to interview Slugs as part of a major research program on slugging. If you are interested, visit the message board for more details on how to participate. [Visit Message Board]

Volunteers to Organize Gambrill - This lot is a great place to start another slug line. There have been a lot of questions on why there has not been a slug line started but it is simply because no one has volunteered to help get it organized. Any takers? We need slug lines started here! [Visit Message Board]

Spamming of Message Board Emails - It was reported that some members of the message board may have received spam emails. Just for the record, does NOT release any emails or names to third parties. In addition, the only broadcast emails are to newsletter members who subscribe to the newsletter. 

Gambrill Commuter Lot Opened -The Virginia Department of Transportation has opened a 223-space commuter lot on Gambrill Road in Springfield on May 12th. The lot is intended to provide more parking for commuters who want to avoid delays during the reconstruction of the Springfield Interchange.The lot, a half-mile from the I-95 carpool lanes in Springfield, also has bus shelters and a kiss-and-ride area. The county and Metro have launched bus service to the lot. We need slug lines started here! [Visit Message Board]

Rosslyn Line to Fredericksburg - Rosslyn has re-established the slug line to Fredericksburg (Route 3 - Gordon Road). It forms on the service road next to the Route 610 slug line.

Vote on Horner Road Expansion 3 May 05 - On Tuesday, 3 May, at 7:30 PM, in the Board Chambers of the James J.  McCoart Administration Building, One County Complex Court, Prince William, Virginia, the Board of County Supervisors will vote on a formally proposed resolution favoring the conversion of the former PRTC Bus Maintenance Facility, adjacent to the Horner Road Commuter Parking Facility, into additional commuter parking. 
   Occoquan District Supervisor Corey Stewart suggested the same to the Board on 12 April, much to the consternation of more than a few members.  Stewart says, your attendance and show of support is crucial. 
    Additionally, per the direction of the Stewart, the County did send a letter to VDoT asking them to belay any sale, pending this resolution and other actions.  This provides time to pass the resolution and evaluate the parcel.

Horner Road Expansion Scuttled? - A proposal was made recently at the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors to prevent VDOT from selling the land adjacent to Horner Road and use it for approximately 800 more parking space. However, it appears as though the proposal was scuttled....why? [Go to Message Board]

Stafford Route 630 to Start - An effort is being made to re-start the Route 630 slug line in Stafford. See the message board thread. [Go to Message Board]

Opposition to HOT Lanes from Residents - Although two companies who want to build HOT lanes on I-95 tried to convince the approximately 75 residents at a town hall meeting on March 14th, few if any were convinced. Corey Stewart, who represents Occoquan District on Prince William Board of Supervisors, called the session to get public feedback on the proposal. 
[Go to Message Board for discussion] - The Committee To Save HOV ( has it own website. Committee To Save HOV is committed to saving HOV lanes on the I-95 & 395 Corridor in Northern Virginia. 

My Good Friday Story - Good Friday did not start so well for one Slug. [Read Story]

HOT LANES Town Hall Meeting in Prince William County - The Committee To Save HOV ( is co-hosting a Town Hall Meeting with Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart (Occoquan) to discuss HOT Lanes.
   When: Monday March 14th
   Time: 7:00 PM
   Where: Woodbridge Senior High School - Auditorium
[Go to Message Board for more information]  [View Flyer]

Route 234 Commuter Lot FUNDED -  An email was sent to me stating that the 234 Commuter Lot was funded at $2M and the budget must got to the Governor for signature. [Go to Message Board] 

Occoquan District Supervisor Corey Stewart Writes to Oppose HOT Lanes -  District Supervisor Corey Stewart writes a letter to the Washington Post opposing HOT Lanes for Northern Virginia. [View here] or [Washington Post] 

HOT LANES Town Hall Meeting in Prince William County - The Committee To Save HOV ( is co-hosting a Town Hall Meeting with Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart (Occoquan) to discuss HOT Lanes. When: Monday March 14th, Time: 7:00 PM Where: Woodbridge Senior High School - Auditorium.

Update Route 234 Commuter Lot Legislation - The Virginia House of Delegates approved funding for the Rt 95/234 VDOT lot expansion and its survival is in the hands of the Conference Committee. There are a number of Senators "on the fence" so now it the time to contact them if you are for or against this legislation!! For more information on which Senators to contact: [Go to Message Board] 

Route 234 Commuter Lot Legislation - The VA House of Delegates approved funding for the Rt 95/234 VDOT lot expansion. The bill needs to navigate through the Senate to become law. Slugs, if parking is a problem at the 234 lot contact your Senator and let your voice be heard. [Go to Message Board] 

Slug line to Route 3 (Fredericksburg) - The new slug line from Rosslyn to Route 3 Fredericksburg has started and is working well. New signs are available for download. [Signs] 

ATTENTION! There is a fake email being sent to people imitating IT IS NOT FROM SLUG-LINES.COM AND DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. The subject is: "Email account utilization warning". Click here for more details.

New Slug Line to Route 3 - A new slug line from Rosslyn to Route 3 in Fredericksburg will be started soon. The plan is to start the line on 31 Jan and use the same location as the Stafford line. A flyer and more information will be available soon!

Delegate Frederick Proposes Commuter Lot Legislation - Delegate Frederick (R) - House District 52 recently proposed House Bill 1530 that could help relieve the over-congested commuter lots in N. VA. [Go to Message Board] 

Washington Post Article on Hybrids - The Washington Post ran a front page article on Friday, January 7th, 2005 titled As Hybrid Cars Multiply, So Do Carpooling Gripes. [Read at] or visit the Message Board for slug opinions.

Dumfries Magisterial District Survey on HOT Lanes!- The website of Maureen S. Caddigan, Dumfries Magisterial District Supervisor Prince William County, Virginia is asking for input on HOT and how they will affect slugging. [Go to Survey] *NOTE - in order to take the survey, you must register for the newsletter first. Apparently, each survey is serialized and coded.

RSVP for the HOT Lane Meeting - If you plan to attend the HOT Lane Opposition meeting, please RSVP to as soon as possible. Space is limited.

HOT Lane Opposition Meeting scheduled - A meeting (organized by slugs NOT the government) is now scheduled for January 5th, 2005 from 7-9 pm at the Dr. A.J. Ferlazzo Building (15941 Donald Curtis Drive in Woodbridge) for those who oppose the High Occupancy Toll (HOT). The agenda is being developed but the purpose of the meeting is to organize those who oppose the HOT concept. More information will be published on the meeting as soon as it is available. [Click Here for Directions] or [MapQuest]

New Slugging Poems - A local writer has written poems about slugging over the years. Read her newest poems. [Poems]

HOT Lane Opposition Getting Organized - If you oppose the High Occupancy Toll (HOT), then visit two sections of this website: HOT Lanes Discussion on the message board and the HOT Lanes section of this website.

Newspaper Article on Commuter Lots -  There was an interesting newspaper article in the Potomac News titled "Balance Sought for Commuter Lots". The article discusses the capacity of commuter lots and the impact slugging has had. See comments on the message board. [Message Board]

New Slug Line in Rosslyn to Rt. 3 (Fredericksburg)? - If you are interested in starting a new slug line from Rosslyn to Rt. 3 Fredericksburg, please take the instant poll (right side of this page) and comment on the message board.

New Slug Story A new slug story "Radio Adjustments". [Go to Slug Stories]

Taking Slugging to Another Level? An article in the Seattle Times ( Nov. 18, 2004) discusses how Washington state is considering a variation of slugging.  In that area they are considering the application of RF ID technology for slugging. Proposal uses transponders to coordinate dynamic hitchhiking by Microsoft employees along a four-mile arterial corridor. Long-distance solo drivers pick up short-distance hitchhikers on the way to Microsoft. For safety, employees flash Microsoft badges. [Read Article]

New HOT Lanes Section to Website A new section to the website is being created specifically to address HOT lanes and their impact to slugging and the community. Although the section is under construction, please let me know what you think would be useful. [Go to HOT Lanes Area]

Etiquette Rules A couple of additions were added to the slugging etiquette rules. Basically, avoid using cell phones during the commute, keep your car relatively clean, avoid heavy perfume, and keep the radio at a moderate level. [Read Etiquette]

Message Board Request My request to all users is to remember that this website was created to help other slugs and promote slugging as a commuting alternative. Simply put, I envisioned a message board where slugs helped slugs. Since slugging is somewhat dynamic and new people move in and out of the area, I hoped seasoned slugs would help new slugs with this unusual form of commuting. Unfortunately, over the past few months some of the postings on this message board have not been helpful and plain mean spirited. The personal attacks have generated complaints from users and recently a person created a username called Admin. (note the period) in an attempt to impersonate me. I have been extremely selective in deleting postings and banning users from the website. I want to keep a "free speech" forum where people can share their opinion freely. But, some of the posting have stepped over the line and offer nothing constructive (my opinion). I would simply ask that everyone use this forum to help promote slugging and help create solutions not animosity.

Signs Now in .PDF A suggestion was made recently to make the downloadable signs available in the .PDF format. Not everyone has PowerPoint so .PDF is more universal!  [Go to Signs]

Prince William County Board of Supervisor Meeting Disregard the previous posting concerning a meeting on October 19th for the PWC Board of Supervisors to discuss the Horner Road Commuter lot parking problems. This meeting will NOT take place.

Washington Post Article - Carpool Slug" page M03, October 10, 2004.  FREE RIDE: Someone at work asked me, "Are you a slug?" I didn't know what she was talking about, so I said no. The next day another... [Go to Washington Post]

Mine Road Commuter Lot Reaches Capacity The commuter lot at Mine Road (Northern Stafford) is reaching capacity causing many slugs to be ticketed. See the full story in the Free Lance-Star [click here].

Return to Rt. 234 from 14th and F Street Slugs and drivers should be aware that 14th and F Street has a slug line for Rt. 234 in Dumfries.

Restart/New Slug Line at Lorton Shell Station Slugs and drivers are attempting to restart the Lorton Shell slug line. Effective 27 September this slug line will use the Lorton, VA Park-n-Ride lot near the Lorton Shell station. View Flyer.

Fairfax Commuter Lot Update Construction of a new Park and Ride Lot at the Intersections of Hooes Road and Gambrill Road began on  May 3, 2004 and is expected to be completed June 2005.  The new commuter lot "Gambrill Park & Ride" facility will include a paved and lighted bus shelter, 223 parking spaces and accommodations for bicycles. A storm management basin and landscaping were designed into the project. Access will be available from Gambrill & Hooes Roads providing convenient access to and from the Fairfax County Parkway.

Overflow Parking for Horner Road - Because the Horner Road lot reaches full capacity daily, many commuters are parking on the shoulder of Telegraph Road. An option for slugs and drivers is use the Potomac Mills slug lines. There ample parking and plenty of options to getting downtown. 

Rolling Valley from L'Enfant Plaza - If you are heading to the western side of the Springfield area, consider L'Enfant as a source for slugs. At times, there are plenty of slugs but not enough drivers! 

Drivers Solicited Money from Slugs - A slug reported on August 31st, that after slugging from 14th and New York to the Horner Road commuter lot, that the two men she was riding with asked her for $5 for the ride. After she refused, one of the men stated they were joking, but she was convinced they would have accepted the money. Unfortunately she did not get a license plate number. 

Bob's at Springfield Needs Riders - A driver from Springfield has noticed an imbalance between slugs and drivers - plenty of drivers with fewer slugs. If you heading to L'Enfant, consider slugging from Bob's!

Double Parked Maniac - A great new story about squeezing into a parking space...and the aftermath! Read story.

Mine Road Lot Parking - It has been reported that the Mine Road commuter lot is reaching capacity while the older 610 commuter lot still has parking spaces remaining. Since nobody wants to have their car towed, a suggestion was made that early morning slugs/drivers (before 7:00 am) use the older 610 lot and later slugs/drivers use the Mine Road lot. In this way, it might help with the congestion.

Route 630 Line Not Operating - The slug line at Route 630 was reported as not operating. The webpage has been updated to caution new drivers and riders.

Crystal City Traffic Pattern Changes - On June 26th the Crystal City traffic pattern between 23rd and 15th Street will change to allow two way traffic on Crystal Drive. Since the slug lines are on the northern end of Crystal Drive, near 12th street, this should NOT impact slugging. View Flyer.  

L'Enfant Plaza needs Rolling Valley Drivers - It was reported that more slugs than drivers are at L'Enfant Plaza. So, if your headed to Rolling Valley, consider picking up a slug at L'Enfant!

Security Alert: Employees En Route to Pentagon:  The SOURCE utilized the "Slug Lines" (public car pool lines) from the Gordon Road/Route 3 Fredericksburg, VA lot to Rosslyn, Arlington, VA.  On approximately four occasions, SOURCE picked up a Middle Eastern male described as approximately 35-45 years old, 5'6" to 5'10" in height, 160-190 lbs., dark brown hair with a small amount of gray and wearing business attire.  The unknown male utilized the slug line from Fredericksburg, VA to the Pentagon.  During the commute, the unknown male asked SOURCE and other DoD employees very specific questions concerning their jobs.  The unknown male asked:  What he did when he was on Active Duty, Where they work, Who they work for, What level clearance they work with.  SOURCE became suspicious and asked the unknown male why he needed all the information.  He became quiet and smiled, then began asking another individual in the car a similar line of questioning.  The female stated she worked for the Secretary of Defense and the unknown male seemed to be very interested and asked additional questions.  At one point, the unknown male stated he was seeking an upper management position in the government, either GS-14/15.  Under the guise to obtain the unknown male's personal information, SOURCE told him to give him his resume and he would see what he could do.  The unknown male stated he did not have a resume; however, he could give him his e-mail address and possible send him the resume at that time.  He provided a listed e-mail address and SOURCE gave him his business card.  SOURCE stated he believed the unknown male was an employee of the Pentagon since he dropped the unknown male off at the Pentagon slug lot.  However, he was not able to confirm this information.  A query on the e-mail address provided by the unknown male returned negative results indicating an invalid e-mail address.  (FORSCOM Daily CONUS Threat Update 27 July 04)

Springfield Area Slug lines - An effort is being made in a to get a new slug line started in the Springfield Mall / Kingstowne areas. They have been very active and already have flyers printed. There has been tremendous interest in getting this line started over the years and it would be a great benefit for everyone! There are a couple of threads on the message board. acquires - Although this sounds like a hostile takeover it wasn't! Chuck, who ran for many years, moved to Florida and decided to pursue other interests. Chuck offered the domain name to me to prevent the "website not found" error and to redirect users to A sincere thanks to Chuck for his many years of supporting slugging.  Your efforts will have a lasting impact to the slugging community. 

New Slug Lines - There has been a surge in slugs/drivers interested in starting new slug lines. Here are three:

  • Herndon-Monroe/Rosslyn - Line to operate from the Herndon-Monroe commuter lot on I-66 to Rosslyn. A slug is coordinating this effort. Email:

  • Kingstown (Springfield Mall area) - Lot's of interest to create a line east of the Bob's slug line in the Kingstown or Springfield Mall area. 

  • 18th and ?? - The exact location is still to be decided, but the new line would be farther up on 18th street and service Horner Road.

New Automated Slug Matching System - In some areas, slug/drivers are "matched" via email coordination. Usually this is done via an email list server or somebody just volunteers to do it for everyone in that area. A new web-based automated system may be added to make this process simpler!! A smart computer programmer has volunteered to see if this process can be automated. More to follow, but its an excited feature to help slugs! 

How is the Horner Road Working? - Although it has only been in effect one day, how is the split working? Leave comments on the message board. Click Here!

Horner Road Lines Split! - Effective Wednesday, April 21st, the slug lines in the new section of the Horner Road commuter lot will split into two (2) separate lines. There were a number of great suggestions but Option 2A seem to have the most support as long as the Navy Yard and L'Enfant lines were kept together.  Below is a flyer/map of how the slug lines will be split. Please reproduce and distribute as much as possible! 

VDOT has helped by placing electronic signs at the lot to help notify drivers and direct traffic!

Over 3700 people viewed the suggestions and some 100 replies were made on the MESSAGE BOARD (click to view). Sincere thanks to everyone who made suggestions. Many slugs/drivers had some great ideas. I really tried to get everyone's suggestions posted on the website.

Horner Road Options - A meeting was held on 24 Mar with the PWC police department and traffic management to present some of the suggestions by slugs for relieving the congestion in the new lot at Horner Road. They were very supportive of slugging and willing to help slugs implement changes to make the system operate more efficiently.  Here are some of the options. PLEASE EITHER VOTE ON THE POLL OR LEAVE COMMENTS ON THE MESSAGE BOARD.

Help and Suggestions Needed for Horner Road! - On March 12th a number of citations were issued at Horner Road Commuter lot due to the traffic overflowing onto Telegraph Road.  Perhaps we can coordinate a mutual solution with Traffic Management but your suggestions are needed on how to fix the traffic problem! Leave suggestions here!

Caution with Fake Emails - Do NOT open the email attachment with the title "Notify from e-mail technical support" that appear to come from I did NOT send out the email below and it quite possibly contains a virus or a spam type application. Delete it. This is what it says (notice the incorrect spelling of the word amount...).

  Our antivirus software has detected a large ammount of
  viruses outgoing from your email account, you may use
  our free anti-virus tool to clean up your computer software.
     For details see the attached file.

  Best wishes,
    The team  


CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman's "Everybody Has A Story" - On March 11th, 2004, Mr. Steve Hartman featured a slug and slugging on the "Everybody Has a Story" program on the CBS Early Morning Show. Great interview. More Info.

Two New Slug Stories - See Slug Stories.

Route 17 Email Ring - For Route 17 slugs and drivers who are departing from Rosslyn, a new "email ring" has been established to coordinate rides home. Although this is a Yahoo group, it serves the exact same purpose as the "Slug Groups" created on this site. So if you're headed to Route 17, give this a try:

Vigilance at Commuter Lots - An email was received recently regarding a sexual assault at the Horner Road commuter lot. Although the report was unconfirmed, it does bring up a good point. Slugs should be vigilant when walking to/from their cars. In the hours of darkness, drivers should consider dropping off a single slugs close to their car. In the case of Horner Road, the distance from the normal drop off point to the edge of the commuter lot is probably 150 yards and bordered by woods. Just be careful...

Slug Story "Talkative Driver" - A new slug story.  See Slug Stories.

Newsletter Released - The most recent newsletter is being sent to over 1800 newsletter subscribers. This edition includes information on HOT Lanes, status of new slug lines, and more!

New 14th and H Street Slug Line - 14th and H Street has a slug line that appears to be here to stay. Over the past year this new line that services only Bob's at this time, runs from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. but the best times are around 4:00 p.m. to 5:45 p. m.  A new page will be created in the next few days to support this line!

Slug Story "Sleeping Beauty" - A new slug story.  See Slug Stories.

DC Police and L'Enfant Plaza - It was reported that on Thursday evening, Jan 8, 2004, DC Police were patrolling the slug-lines at L'Enfant Plaza on 7th and D St, SW. The patrolmen were discouraging slugs from standing on the sidewalk to get rides to Springfield, Horner Rd, and Rt 610. They said the cars stopping for slugs were causing congestion on the main street. 

New Slugging Poems - Fellow slug and driver Florence Rosie Givens, has written poems about slugging for a number of years now. See her latest poems.

Change Proposed at Horner Road - A flyer is being circulated to split the line at Horner Road effective 12 Jan 04. Little in known other than what is on the flyer. See Flyer 

Route 610 Page Updated - The new Mine Road slug line is going strong as a result of the efforts of some motivated slugs/drivers.  Now once the "old lot" reaches parking capacity, the overflow moves to the "new lot" and so does the slug line!  See Stafford 610.

HOT Lanes Story in Post - This is from the Washington Post on Monday, December 29, 2003; Page B01: Click Here to View Article. Except of article:
"...But in the past six months, the idea of high-occupancy toll, or HOT, lanes has gained traction faster than almost any other traffic congestion-fighting measure. The details of how to create them -- and how to spend the toll money -- still stir debate. However, with money tight and traffic growing worse, HOT lanes are now widely viewed as one of the most feasible, affordable ways to better manage, if not ease, traffic congestion in the short term while generating money for long-term relief. ,,,"

Carpool Cheaters Website - There is a new website in California that targets carpool cheaters called  Hmmm....maybe DC needs a site like this. 

Help Promote Slugging - One of the challenges with Slugging is letting people know it even exists. With new people arriving to the area and existing residents relocating from areas where slugging doesn't exist, take a minute to suggest they consider slugging as an alternative. Use this website as a source of information for them or explain how the system works. Slugging continues to grow but it's a community based effort!

Slug Story "The Buses Only Lane" - A new slug story.  See Slug Stories.

Pentagon Slug Line Update - The following information was just provided to from the Pentagon regarding changes to the slug lines. Although this is another change, they are working hard to get slugging to work at peak capacity. See statement below and New Map!

 "After lengthy evaluation of traffic flow and many interviews with Sluggers and Drivers who pick them up, the following changes shall be incorporated as of the 24th of November 2003. Do to the lack of participation the following Slug Lanes will be terminated as of the 24th of November 2003:

The following Slug Lanes shall be relocated effective the 24th of November 2003 SPRINGFIELD / BURKE / TACKETT'S MILL / MONTCLAIR / ROUTE 234 / HORNER ROAD / POTOMAC MILLS PLEASE REFER TO MAP INDICATIONS"

New Springfield/Burke Line at Rosslyn - Rosslyn has added a new line for Springfield/Burke commuters. BUT, it's not co-located with the other lines!! See Flyer details or visit the Message Board for discussion.

The BBC Radio does live Broadcast on Slugging - The British Broadcasting Company did a live radio interview on slugging (27 Oct 03) to inform British listeners on this great system. Great Britain is also looking at ways to relieve traffic congestion and slugging could be the answer...

Slugging in Dublin, Ireland? - Maybe...Irish TV taped a story on slugging on 5 Nov to air in Ireland in the next few days as a possible solution to Dublin's traffic congestion. 

L'Enfant Plaza Adds Tackett's Mill - Those who use L'Enfant Plaza may be able to slug to Tackett's Mill. Once the Horner Road destination was added a few weeks ago, there have been reports off people slugging directly to Tackett's.

Springfield Mall Line to Start Nov 10th - View New Flyer! A new line from the Springfield Mall will be started starting November 10th. See the Message Board for discussion and details. 

Slug Story "The Slug and the Case Worker" - A new story about a slug who confides in a driver about someone who happens to be that person's case worker... See Slug Stories.

Pentagon Changes may Improve - Those responsible for the new Pentagon slug line locations have heard the complaints of slugs and drivers and are looking at ways to make adjustments to improve the situation. Basically, they are trying to balance safety, convenience, and congestion all at once. They have heard the complaints and are looking at how to implement as many suggestions as possible. More to follow...

New Springfield/Burke Line at Rosslyn - Beginning 20 October 2003, Rosslyn will add a line to the Springfield/Burke area. See Flyer details or visit the Message Board for discussion.

New Crystal City to Springfield Line - A number of people are interested in starting a new slug line from Crystal City to Springfield beginning 23 October 2003. See Flyer details for more details.

L'Enfant Adds Horner Road Line - L'Enfant Plaza now has a Horner Road line! The new line started around the first of Oct and forms next to the Rt. 610 line. Now, those going to Horner do not have to travel to the Pentagon! See the Message Board for discussion.

Pentagon Slug Lines Being Relocated - Effective on 6 October 2003 many of the slug lines at the Pentagon will be relocated to North Rotary Road between lanes 31 thru 36. The move, detailed in the Building Circular PBM-03-29, will provide a "safer environment for commuters and help to alleviate traffic congestion." In addition, the Pentagon officials stated they will shelters for slugs as well as emergency phones. View Building Circular PBM-03-29.

Street Closing Could Affect Slugging - Beginning 22 Sep some of the streets in downtown DC will close during the filming of "National Treasure," a film starring Nicholas Cage. See the Message Board for details.

New Springfield Mall Flyers - See links below for the new slug line trying to get started at the Springfield Mall. View Flyer.

New Springfield Slug Line - A new slug line is being developed by a few people in the Springfield Mall/Kingstowne area. Currently, the slug line will use the commuter lot between Springmall Rd and the JC Penny south parking lot (non-garage lot). See the message board thread for Kingstowne/Alexandria for details.

Montclair Added to Slug Groups - The Montclair area now has a "Slug Group". For more info see Slug Groups

New 610 Line to form at 19TH and F ST NW DC- A new slug line destination is underway at 19th and F St. NW in DC for those using the 610 commuter lot in Stafford.  See the message board for details.

More info on the I-66 Herndon/Reston slug line (24 July 03) - The people behind the new Herndon/Reston to Rosslyn slug line are working hard but need DRIVERS. See the message board for details or visit the website ( they created to get this line up and running. 

Herndon/Reston to Rosslyn Slug Line! (12 July 03) - A new slug line from Herndon/Reston to Rosslyn is developing. See the message board for details or just click here.

HOT Letters (23 June 03) - There are some examples of letters written to government officials regarding the HOT lanes. Click Here. 

Webmaster Relocating (23 June 03) - I am in the process of moving to our new home in Lake Ridge, VA this week. As a result, my ability to update the website and respond to emails may be interrupted until we are settled in our new home.

Do High Occupancy Traffic (HOT) Lanes Threaten Slugging? (8 June 03) - There has been a lot of discussion regarding the momentum behind High Occupancy Traffic (HOT) lanes. Do they threaten Slugging? More information will be available with who to contact in you local government.

Commuter Survey (2 June 03) - A short commuter survey is being conducted by the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance. They even said they would include questions regarding slugging! If you live in the Fredericksburg area please consider taking the survey. It may take you 1-2 minutes! See it at: 

Anger Management (23 May 03) - A short story about keeping your cool when others aren't. See Slug Stories

Possible Slug Line at Kingstowne? (20 May 03) - A new slug line is being considered for the Kingstowne area. If you are interested add your email to the Kingstowne Slug Group and/or provide you comments to the forum message thread.

Dangerous Crossing at Bob's (20 May 03) - There is some concern with the way slugs cross at Bob's (Springfield Plaza). See comments on message board.

CNN Headline News Reports on Slugging (8 May 03) Slugging received national news coverage on CNN Headline News last night at approximately 8:20 pm EST. During the three-four minute segment, the CNN news anchor discussed the amazing slugging phenomena occurring in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.  Also discussed were its many advantages and benefits to the local area. Hopefully, my interview presented slugging in the best way possible and that viewers were left with not only a good impression but a willingness to at least try slugging.

New Line at 14th and H Street? (1 May 03) - The 14th and H Street (near 14th and NY) may be developing a new line for Bob's. A recent email stated that "The Bob's line forms at the orange newspaper box at the corner of 14th & H."

New York Times Article on Slugging (29 Apr 03) The New York Times recently wrote an article about Slugging titled "To Commute to Washington, the Early Bird Gets 'Slugs'" (29 Apr 03) by Peter T. Kilborn. Read the article at the NY Times (free but requires registration).

14th and G Street Updated (24 Apr 03) - The 14th and G Street page was updated to reflect the Rt. 610 destination. Apparently, this location has supported 610 slugs and drivers for some time but it wasn't listed on the site. See 14th and G.

Send Corrections or Update (24 Apr 03) - To help keep this site accurate please send corrections or updates to the webmaster. Send Email.

Newsletter #12 Distributed (23 Apr 03) - Most recent newsletter distributed to all subscribers on the mailing list.

Visit the Lost and Found (8 Apr 03) There are numerous lost and found items that have remained unclaimed. Please visit the Lost and Found and maybe you'll recognize something that a friend is missing. 

Want to Start a New Slug Line? (8 Apr 03) - With the warm weather approaching, there has been a lot of discussion about starting some new slug lines. Please visit the message board for new slug line discussions. Click here.

Problems Accessing the Site? If anyone has difficulty accessing the message board, please contact the administrator at:  Although there has not be any reports, the new security software may block certain IP addresses by mistake.

The Stinky Ride (27 Mar 03) Short story from a slug. See Slug Stories.

Rolling Valley now Supports Rosslyn (21 Mar 03) Those traveling to Rosslyn from the Springfield area now have another slug line to use: Rolling Valley. Thanks to Nora for sending the email regarding this new line!

Additional Security Added to Website (12 Mar 03) As a result of some obscene comments and improper postings on the website additional security features have been installed. Hopefully this will keep the website clean and useful for everyone.

Name Changed to Rt. 234 (12 Mar 03) The recent "instant poll" conducted on the website revealed that the most commonly used name for the slug line on Rt. 234 and Dumfries Road is "Rt. 234". As a result, the name has been changed on the website.


Corrupted Database Loses Data (4 Mar 03) On 2 Mar 03 it was discovered that files within the Message Board database had been corrupted which caused the "unterminated string" error. Although some of the data was recovered, most of the postings for the month of February were lost. I am very sorry that all the great postings and comments are lost. I will continue to attempt to extract the comments but it doesn't look good...

Is Dumfries Road really Rt. 234? What is the name most commonly used to describe the Dumfries Road or Rt. 234 commuter lot slug line? It has been called a few different names but what is the most common?  Please take the "Instant Poll" on this page. See right side.

The Gainesville Citizen (21 Feb 03) -  A great article appeared in on page 15 and 17 of The Gainesville Citizen regard Slugging. Read it on their site.

Two New "Slug Groups" created (21 Feb 03) - Slug Groups for both Route 17 and 14th and Penn have been created. These automated lists are known as "Groups" or "list-server mailing lists" and allow you to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to a specific topic. See Slug Groups

42 Lost and 22 Found Items posted on the Lost and Found Page (3 Mar 03).  - And, there are hundreds listed in the archived database.  See Lost and Found.

Remember! The new Slug Line forming at 14th and G St. Started 3 Feb  - The new slug line forming at 14th and G St. started,  3 Feb 03. The destination is for Route 17 Fredericksburg/Stafford as well as Rt 610.  See flyer or visit the webpage.

High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Study could Impact Slugging (17 Jan 03)  - An article in the Washington Post on January 16th discussed a proposal being studies to charge a toll to lone drivers to use the HOV!  See message board for discussion!

New Star Rating System (22 Dec 02) - A new star rating system has been introduced to help evaluate slug lines!!  Hopefully this will help others determine which lines to use. Visit you favorite slug line web page and cast your vote! You can even leave comments to tell others the good (or bad) things about the line. See Slug Rating System.

Robbery Attempt at Potomac Mills (15 Jan 03) - Please see the message board for details!

Newspaper Article (14 Jan 03) - The Star-Ledger recently wrote an article about slugging as a method to help New York City's public transportation problem. Read Article.

New Slug Lines Being Added (13 Jan 03) - Two slug lines are being added to site 14th and G Street and 14th and F Street. Input is welcome in order to get the details for each of these locations correct!!! See comments to:

Robbery at the American Legion Commuter Lot (3 Jan 03) - I was notified by email of a robbery that took place on 30 Dec 02 at the American Legion Commuter Lot as a slug was walking to her car. See Message Board. 

T'was the Slug Before Christmas Poem (20 Dec) - A fellow slug sent in a funny poem that's bound to make you laugh. See Poems.

Solicitations on Message Board (19 Dec 02) - Solicitations or other marketing and sales items should not be placed on the message board. Things of this nature may however be added in the "Classified Ads" section of the website. 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article (10 Dec 02) - An Atlanta report, so intrigued by Slugging, traveled to DC just to get a story. Click here to read story.

Houston Chronicle Writes Story About Slugging (2 Dec 02) - Slugging is spreading across the nation! Even Houston Texas has embraced slugging. Great story. Read the article

Seattle Washington Promotes Slugging  - The Seattle Times wrote an article about Seattle's efforts to encourage casual carpooling. Read the article.

Remember Route 630 Line Starts 2 December (30 Nov 02) - See previous 12 Nov 02 announcement below.

Computer Error on Website (25 Nov 02) - A computer error was discovered on this site which prevented the "feedback form" from working properly. As a result, messages sent using the form were never delivered! My sincere apologies to anyone who tried to contact me. Problem is fixed.

Route 630 Line to Re-Start 2 Dec 02 (12 Nov 02) - TheRoute630dec2002.jpg (337456 bytes) slug line at Route 630 in Stafford will start again on 2 Dec 02. If you are interested in supporting this line please contact to get on the mailing list and additional details.  See .pdf flyer.

November Newsletter Released (12 Nov 02) - The November newsletter was published on 10 November 02. If you didn't get your copy be sure to sign up before next month!

Tackett's Mill Line (12 Nov 02) - There is a real debate on whether Tackett's Mill should have one or two lines. Please take the "Weekly Instant Survey" to voice your opinion.

Amazing Lost and Found Item (5 Nov 02) - An item was re-united with its owner after being on the "found" list for 1 year, 6 months, and 22 days. That's got to be a record!  Darlene learned of the website's "lost and found" recently and discovered a "found" listing on the same day she lost here rings some 1.5 years ago. She contacted the man who posted the items and now she's re-united with here very sentimental rings. Many thanks to Mr. Hennessy for posting the item and keeping them in safe storage! 

Website has 488,421 hits in Oct (4 Oct 02) - This website had 488,421 hits last month which is an indicator of the popularity of slugging. Keep on slugging!

New Slug Story "Pepto Bismal" (31 Oct 02) - It could happen to you! Click here. 

Website Upgraded (29 Oct 02) - A number of upgrades have been installed on the website. Details in the next newsletter.

New Slug Story "First Impressions" (24 Oct 02) - A new story on why slugs shouldn't talk...especially if you are planning on testifying to a Congressional subcommittee! Click here. 

Lorton Road Parking Area to Re-Open - An email sent yesterday stated that the parking area off I-95 and Lorton Road is scheduled to re-open 25 Oct 02. This would certainly help Lorton sluggers!

NuRide Offers Program for Sluggers! (23 Oct 02) - A new program created 21 Oct 02 could help Sluggers by paying them to commute! Yeah, imagine that, getting paid to commute! Right now its open to Rolling Valley slugs with more info to follow.  Get more info at:

New Shuttle Bus Service for 610 Stafford Shuttle Bus Trial at 610 Stafford  (21 Oct 02) - A trial shuttle bus service has been created effective 21 Oct to help accommodate slugs who need to move from the North 610 Commuter Lot and the South 610 Commuter Lot.  See pdf version.  

Stafford Board of Supervisors Meeting - The Stafford Board of Supervisors will meet on November 5th at 7 pm to discuss and vote on the 610 Shuttle Bus Service. See Events Calendar.

Crystal Park 2 to Start (14 Oct 02) - Crystal Park 2 Crystal Park 2 (not used for some time) will start 1 Nov 02. If you work in South Crystal City give this line a try!

New Rt 630 Effort in Stafford (14 Oct 02) - Slugs are using Rt. 630. See 2 pages of flyer for information and directions!.  Click here.

New Rt. 610 Lot Flyer (8 Oct 02) - A new flyer was created for those moving the 610 Slug line in Stafford from the Staffordborough Commuter lot to the Mine Rd lot.

New Classified Ads Feature (8 Oct 02) - A new Classified Ads feature has been added to the site! Now slugs can post items for sale or wanted at no cost. Click Here

New Events Calendar Added (3 Oct 02) - A new Events Calendar has been added to the site! Now slugs can post critical events that impact slugging (new slug lines, county and VDOT meeting, etc). Click Here

Hit and Run Accident! (2 Oct 02) - A fellow slug's car was "hit and run" while it was parked at Hwy 17 .  See comments posted on Message Board.

Cars are Ticketed or Towed at Rt 610 (2 Oct 02) - See comments posted on Message Board

Drivers Needed at New 630 Lot (25 Sep 02) - The slug line at Route 630 is growing but slugs outnumber drivers.  Bottom line: more drivers are needed. 

Are the two lines working at Horner Road? (25 Sep 02) - Some say its working great and other say it's not working at all.  Give your opinion on the message board topic 230.

New 630 Lot Flyer New Line at Route 630 due to changes to Route 610 Parking may Start  (20 Sep 02) - A fellow slug is circulating the flyer below as a result of changes being made to the parking at Route 610. The flyer has 23 Sep 02 as a start date. Click here for message board for more info and comments.     Download flyer.

Horner Road Hot Button (19 Sep 02). This proposed split has become a real emotional issue - some slugs/drivers love it and others hate it.  The idea to split the line was from slugs and drivers unhappy with the long lines and not some outside agency.  The intent was to make Horner Road better and more efficient. Some say its working great and other say it's not working at all.  Remember Slugs are in charge. Voice YOUR opinion on the message board topic 230.

Cannot View Flyer? (29 Aug 02) . If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint you can still view the flyer by downloading and installing the free viewer.
 Click Here to Download Now

Will Horner Road Have Two Lines? (17 Sep 02). Today was the day many Sluggers planned to split the Horner Road line into two separate lines.  Will it work? Well, like all slug lines, the slugs and drivers will have to decide...

New Horner Road Lines to Start.  Effective 17 September 02, the Horner Road commuter lot (exit 158 of I-95) will create a second slug-line to accommodate the growth of slugging. The original single line has become so popular that it has effected both safety and efficiency. To better serve the slugs, Horner Road will create a second line in the "New Lot" recently completed. 

14th at Commerce Dept adds Line (8 Sep 02). The 234 Commuter Lot line is growing in popularity at 14th at Commerce Dept.  Now this location has three (3) lines supporting slugs. See 14th at Commerce Dept.

Navy Yard Line Goes Digital (8 Sep 02). The slugs and drivers for the Navy Yard Line have organized an electronic email list to help this line operate. See Navy Yard

September Newsletter Released (5 Sep 02). The September Newsletter was distributed today to get back on the first week of each month schedule. And, more importantly, it contains some great information about Flexcar incentives and other slugging stuff!

Horner Road Survey Mixed (5 Sep 02).  As of 4 Sep 02 the survey about whether splitting Horner Road into two lines is mixed. About 55% like the idea and 45% don't.  What do you think?

New Line at Hamilton Square (29 Aug 02).  A slug recently reported that he has been successful in slugging from Hamilton Square (14th and F) to the 234 lot.

August Newsletter (29 Aug 02). The August Newsletter was distributed on 28 August with lots of information.  View now.

Route 17 Revived at L'Enfant (27 Aug 02). An effort is being made to revive the Route 17 slug line at L'Enfant Plaza. Currently the line will operate on the East side of the GSA building. See L'Enfant Plaza

New Horner Road Lines to Start in September.  A new initiative to create a second line at Horner Road will be attempted in early Sep.  Look for flyers to be posted on this site.  Volunteers are needed to help distribute flyers!!  If you can help hand out flyers, please send me an email: Partners with Flexcar (1 Aug 02). I am thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all Slugs, and a wonderful new partnership for Effective August 1st, is partnering with Flexcar, the nation’s premier car sharing program, to address two of the possible weaknesses of slugging: what if I need a car during the day, and how do I get home if I work late? Read More.

HOV lane Violators are Becoming a Common Sight on Area Roadways. Steve Eldridge (Sprawl and Crawl) answers a question on HOV violators. Read article.

New "NextBus" Technology (1 Aug 02) has information on a new technology called "NextBus" that tells you in real time when the next bus will arrive at your bus stop. Read article.


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